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Who Makes the Best Doughnuts in the Boston Area?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

Who do you think has the best doughnuts in the Boston area? Is it Kane's in Saugus, Linda's in Belmont, or perhaps somewhere else? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated 3/26/14):

Rachel wrote:
Anna's West Roxbury

Chiqui wrote:
Christine's Bakery in Billerica and Donna's Donuts in Tewksbury.

grilldawg wrote:
Twin donut in Allston. Unless you prefer bacon and eggs stuck in the middle of your glazed donut, in which case you'd better go on over to the nearest Dunkin's and try chef Frankenthaler's newest creation.

kc wrote:
Verna's Cambridge (sugar), Twin (cinnamon) in Allston, Lyndell's (lemon creme)in Somerville all very very good...

sky wrote:
Union square donuts !

MDL wrote:
Kane's Donuts are the BEST!!!!

iggy wrote:
Check out Market Basket the best

George wrote:
Union Square in Somerville & Demet's in Medford.

GS wrote:
Twin Donut - Allston

Dean C wrote:
Kane's in Saugus. No question

AW wrote:
Union Square Donuts!!

Melissa wrote:
Linda's in Belmont! Nothing fancy. Just standard, delicious donuts!

AC wrote:
Boston Common Coffee Co!

JJB wrote:
Ohlin's or Linda's in Belmont or Betty Ann's East Boston

Jennifer P. P. wrote:

Christina M. D. wrote:
Union Square Donuts in Somerville!

Chris W. wrote:
Ohlin's Bakery in Belmont

Sue and Rich R. wrote:

Melissa K. wrote:

Dana S. wrote:

Mark S. wrote:
Union Square Donuts, you can shut down the poll now

Justin M. wrote:
Ziggys in Salem

Colleen O. wrote:
Kane's in Saugus. Worth every big calorie!!

Karen S. wrote:
Linda's Donuts in Belmont

Amy L. K. wrote:
Boston Common Coffee - vegan donuts!

Tim R. wrote:
Kane's by far!

Teddy B. wrote:
Kanes No question

RN wrote:
Donna's in Tewksbury!!!

mike n. wrote:
KANE's Saugus!!

Krissy G. B. wrote:
Verna's... tho they also have the worst counter staff. Rude rude woman waited on me there on a Saturday.

Edwin Y. wrote:
Union square Bacon maple donut for the win.

Kristyn M. wrote:
King Donut Quincy.

Stewart M. wrote:
Donut King.

Everett H. wrote:
Union Square just nudges out Ohlins for me.

Diane G. wrote:

L Staff wrote:
Kanes for cake donuts - Market Basket (billerica) for yeast donuts.

dga wrote:
Donuts With a Difference in Medford Square.
Market Basket Chelsea (really!)
And, yeah, Kane's.

mg wrote:
Ohlin's in Belmont!

MB wrote:
Kanes, Saugus

hungrytommy wrote:
1. Ohlins
2. Donna's
3. Verna's

SMW wrote:
Donna's Donuts in Tewksbury

AM wrote:
Union Square Donuts by far! (Maple Bacon & salted Caramel Bourbon)


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