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Mulligatawny Soup | Definition from Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Mulligatawny soup is a type of lentil soup that is served mainly in Indian dining spots, but also can be found at some Middle Eastern restaurants. It is typically made with a large number of ingredients, including lentils, curry powder, rice, chicken, carrots, coconut milk, and chile peppers.

Kashish [CLOSED], Belmont, MA | Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Kashish also has a variety of breads, soups, and appetizers, including their delicious naan (which you can get with garlic or onion), a mild but flavorful mulligatawny soup, a zesty tomato soup, paneer pakoras that look like little sandwiches, and crunchy samosas with either meat or vegetables. The service at Kashish is consistently efficient ...

Himalayan Bistro, West Roxbury, MA | Boston's Hidden Restaurants

1735 Centre Street, West Roxbury, MA 02132. (617) 325-3500Find location! While West Roxbury is often considered to be one of the more pleasant, attractive neighborhoods within the Boston city limits, it has not really been a place to consider in the past for top Indian cuisine or other Asian fare for that matter.

Royal India Bistro, Lexington, MA | Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Starters include a mulligatawny soup that isn't quite as thick and rich as others you might find, instead having a light broth and an array of pureed veggies, including zucchini and carrots; crispy cheese pakora, which consists of housemade cheese coated in a nutty chickpea batter; meat and veggie samosas, both of which have lightly spiced ...

Indian Delight [CLOSED], Weymouth, MA | Boston's Hidden ...

428 Washington Street, Weymouth, MA 02188. Find location! Sometimes, a good, solid restaurant that has been around for years seems to somehow get continually overlooked by critics, foodies, and nearly everyone else except for those who live in the immediate area. A number of such places are featured on this site, including a restaurant in Weymouth called Indian Delight that has been around since the early 1990s, yet still remains completely under the radar.

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Find definitions and descriptions of various restaurant and food terms by visiting the glossary within the Boston's Hidden Restaurants site.

Shanti: Taste of India, Dorchester, MA | Boston's Hidden ...

1111 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA 02125. (617) 929-3900 Find location! --- Winner, Best Indian Restaurant in Boston Area, 2012 (also 2010 and 2007) ---. The Savin Hill section of Dorchester may seem like an odd place for one of Boston's best Indian restaurants; indeed, the section of Dorchester Avenue that cuts through this neighborhood remains mostly a working-class area with several time-worn taverns, an abundance of auto body shops, and hair salons on every other street corner.

Boston Restaurant Blog, January, 2008

From the smooth, mild mulligatawny soup to the paratha (a type of whole wheat bread) to the main entrees of chicken saag and chicken chettinad (chicken with a moderately hot mix of of herbs and spices), this was some of the best Indian food I have had in awhile.

Best Boston-Area Restaurants, 2012 | Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Best Hidden Restaurants in the Boston Area, 2012. Well, it's that time of year once again. This is our eighth year of picking the best of the best among lesser-known restaurants in the Boston area, and as always, this year we have repeats as well as some newcomers.

Mid-Winter Weekend in Manhattan | Boston Restaurant Blog

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