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Singapore Noodles | Definition from Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Singapore Noodles (From Our Glossary Feature) Singapore noodles (also known as Singapore rice-stick noodles) are popular as a noodle entree in Asian dining spots, especially Chinese restaurants. It is a spicy dish, as the rice noodles are mixed with hot curry. Shrimp is usually mixed in, along with vegetables and sometimes chicken and/or pork.

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Singapore noodles from Great Chow Allston baklava from Garlic 'n Lemons banh mi from Pho Viet's beef with green peppers from Shanghai Gate beef with pickled cabbage from Shanghai Gate duck confit macaroni and cheese from Deep Ellum grilled lemongrass pork with vermicelli from Pho Viet's home-style eggplant from Shanghai Gate

Photo: Singapore Noodles from Beijing, Lexington, MA | Boston ...

Photo of Singapore noodles from Beijing in Lexington, MA...this picture is part of a food photos feature within the Boston's Hidden Restaurants site. Singapore Noodles from Beijing, Lexington, MA Photo of Singapore noodles from Beijing , a Chinese restaurant on Mass. Ave. in Lexington, MA

Photo: Singapore Noodles from Great Chow, Abington, MA ...

Photo of Singapore noodles from Great Chow in Abington, MA...this picture is part of a food photos feature within the Boston's Hidden Restaurants site.

Mary Chung, Cambridge, MA | Boston's Hidden Restaurants

460 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 864-1991 Find location! --- Winner, Best Chinese Restaurant in Boston Area, 2012 ---. Indeed, the menu includes everything from crab rangoon and chicken fingers to beef teriyaki and egg rolls in this latter category, as well as General Gau's chicken, moo shi pork, Singapore noodles,...

Qingdao Garden, Cambridge, MA | Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Much of the rest of the menu includes more familiar dishes, such as hot and sour soup and wonton soup (the freshly-made wontons are huge, by the way), moo shi, a non-greasy version of lo mein, fried rice, egg foo young, a moderately spicy General Gau's Chicken, Singapore noodles that are also moderately spicy, and a solid version of Pad Thai.

Quincy Dynasty [CLOSED], Quincy, MA | Boston's Hidden Restaurants

The menu itself has all kinds of Mandarin, Hunan, Szechuan, and Shanghai-style dishes, with some standouts being a wonderfully hearty (and non-greasy) plate of scallion pancakes, an oddly-textured but flavorful e-foo noodles with scallions and mushrooms, a seafood platter that consists of a nice mix of calamari, scallops, and shrimp, a rich-tasting duck lo mein, a sizzling beef and garlic dish with a bit of heat in it, a marvelous version of moo shi pork with sweet-tasting hoisin sauce, and ...

China King, Boston, MA | Boston's Hidden Restaurants

60 Beach Street, Boston, MA 02111 (617) 542-1763 Find location! It is nice to see that China King carries on the tradition of the old King Fung Garden, and it sounds like chefs and others in the restaurant business have indeed discovered the place, knowing that it is basically represents a continuation of King Fung.

Beijing Chinese Dining, Lexington, MA | Boston's Hidden ...

At first glance, Lexington doesn't seem like a destination spot for dining out, but this historic northwestern suburb of Boston has slowly but surely become a town with a number of good restaurants. Here you will find upscale spots such as Il Casale and Lexx Restaurant, old-school eateries such as ...

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Restaurant and Food Glossary (Including Terms Used in Boston's Hidden Restaurants Site) Do you get confused by certain words or phrases used in the restaurant business, or specific items included in menus?

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