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Soda Bread (From Our Glossary Feature). Soda bread is a type of bread typically found in Ireland that includes the ingredient baking soda instead of yeast. Buttermilk is typically used to make soda bread, and the type of flour used dictates what kind of soda bread it is (for instance, whole wheat flour is used to make brown bread).

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The brown bread was hearty and also had a rich, full flavor, while the soda bread had that unique taste that only bread with baking soda instead of yeast can have, and it was every bit as good as the brown bread, though a bit lighter tasting, of course (brown bread is basically soda bread made with whole wheat flour).

Soda Bread from McKay's Breakfast and Lunch, Quincy, MA

Soda Bread from McKay's Breakfast and Lunch, Quincy, MA. Photo of soda bread from McKay's Breakfast and Lunch, a dining spot on Franklin Street in Quincy, MA (Go to food photo index.)

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Video: Irish Soda Bread from Greenhills Irish Bakery in Dorchester, MA. Below is a video on how to make Irish soda bread, from the co-owner of Greenhills Irish Bakery in Dorchester, MA.

Greenhills Irish Bakery, Dorchester, MA | Boston's Hidden ...

Some of the real highlights here are the baked goods, with the place having one of the best brown breads in the Boston area, as well as a deliciously sweet raisin soda bread, a rich treacle bread, dense and flavorful scones (including a terrific version with blueberries), an array of excellent pies such as pecan, apple, and rhubarb, and ...

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Favored by Irish immigrants who live in and around Quincy, this friendly spot features delicious breakfast dishes, including a marvelous Texas-style French toast along with grilled brown bread and grilled soda bread as well as a traditional Irish breakfast with blood pudding. [Reader Pick: The Paramount] Best Cafe, 2011

The Snug, Hingham, MA | Boston's Hidden Restaurants

There is also the shepard's pie, which comes complete with seasoned ground beef, mashed potatoes,and corn, along with a piece of Irish soda bread. And, of course, The Snug has an extensive beer and wine list, starting with their "perfect pint" of Guinness (their pour is indeed a very good one) as well as Smithwicks and Old Speckled Hen, and ...

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McKay's Breakfast and Lunch, in Quincy, MA, is a breakfast place and lunch spot included in our Boston restaurant guide. McKay's Breakfast and Lunch, 144 Franklin Street, Quincy, MA 02169

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Restaurant and Food Glossary (Including Terms Used in Boston's Hidden Restaurants Site) Do you get confused by certain words or phrases used in the restaurant business, or specific items included in menus?

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