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Yekik Alicha | Definition from Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Yekik Alicha (From Our Glossary Feature) Yekik alicha is an Ethiopian stew that features split yellow peas in a garlic ginger sauce. Milder than many other Ethiopian entrees, Yekik alicha is a good alternative to diners who wish to try a more exotic cuisine without worrying about hot spices.

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And the aformentioned exotic dishes can often cause complete confusion. (How many out there know what "bulgogi" is, or "yekik alicha" for that matter?) The purpose of this section of Boston's Hidden Restaurants is to help readers learn what some of these more obscure (and not-so-obscure!) culinary words and phrases mean.

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Other items on the menu include a wonderfully flavorful minchet abish key (chopped prime beef sauteed in a spicy berbere sauce) and a tasty, mild yekik alicha (split yellow peas in a mild garlic ginger sauce), which is a good dish for those who don't like spicy entrees. Entrees come with pieces of unleavened bread which are used in place of utensils (spoons, forks, and knives aren't generally used in Ethiopian restaurants).

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This glossary of food and restaurant terms will include everything from Bulgogi to Yekik Alicha to more commonly used terms such as Bar Pizza and Poutine. When these terms are used in reviews or blog pages, they will often be set up as links that will take readers to the glossary pages.