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158 Main

158 Main Street, Jeffersonville, VT 05464
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--- Winner, Best Breakfast Place in Boston and New England, 2007 ---

Photo of 158 Main, Jeffersonville, VT The Northern Vermont villages of Stowe and Jeffersonville, which are on opposite sides of Smugglers' Notch, are both within minutes of major ski areas, so it comes as no surprise that both communities cater to lovers of winter sports. But while Stowe is mostly an upscale resort town with numerous shops, motels, and restaurants, Jeffersonville is a quiet, low-key place that places as much importance on farming as it does on skiing. Jeffersonville, however, does have some excellent options for shopping, lodging, and dining, and 158 Main, a restaurant and bakery in the heart of the village, most definitely fits into this latter category.

158 Main is housed in an historic structure known as the Windridge Farms building, and with its high ceilings, old-fashioned hanging lights, whirling ceiling fans, hardwood floors, and old wooden booths, it certainly has the feeling of a place that has a lot of history. The old-fashioned feel to 158 Main can also be found among its kneading machines, workbenches, and large ovens that are set up along the side of the dining room, where workers make bread daily. And the bread is fabulous; the homemade baguettes and cinnamon raisin bread are just two items here that are well worth getting, whether to buy whole to take home or to order as part of a breakfast meal.

The breakfast menu at 158 Main has a number of unique items, including the wonderful Grand Marnier and vanilla bean-flavored French toast (baguettes are used for the French toast) and the grilled maple bread (griddled cinnamon raisin bread topped with a rich and hearty maple ganache). Basic breakfasts, such as omelettes and eggs benedict, are also very good at 158 Main, and the home fries are especially nice, with chili powder and other spices giving the potatoes some extra flavor. Breakfast sandwiches come with their outstanding bread, with both the bacon, egg, and cheese and the sausage, egg, and cheese being good options. If you come to 158 Main for lunch or dinner, they have a variety of items here, including lighter fare such as sandwiches and pizzettes. The main entrees, however, really shine, as the Vermont turkey dinner (they use unprocessed turkey) and the New York sirloin (almost no fat or gristle) are just two items at this restaurant that are as good as you'll find in this part of Vermont.

158 Main has a little bit of everything going for it; the restaurant is a down-home place with fresh, locally-grown food, and it borders on being upscale yet is a casual place that has very reasonable prices. 158 Main is indeed a real find in the region northwest of Smugglers' Notch, and one that gives its competitors in nearby Stowe a run for their money.