Boston's Hidden Restaurants

The Alamo

55 Medway Road, Milford, MA 01757
(508) 482-0030 Find location!

Photo of The Alamo, Milford, MA Quick: What do The Alamo restaurant in Milford and the TV sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle" have in common? Ok, this may be an unfair question, but they DO have something in common; the owner of this fantastic Mexican restaurant southwest of Boston has a son who was one of the characters on that hit show. Just figured you might want to know in case the question comes up in some board game you're playing on a rainy night...Speaking of rainy nights, one of the first times I paid a visit to The Alamo, it was a cold, miserable New England evening that couldn't have been worse, weather-wise. It was indeed a welcome sight to see the restaurant's brightly-lit sign in the distance. And what better place to go on a raw, miserable night than The Alamo. Situated in a house, this dining spot is a true charmer. Dark, cozy rooms give the downstairs area an intimate feel, while the old-fashioned bar and adjacent dining area upstairs would not be out of place in a ski resort.

The food at The Alamo is mostly Mexican-American with a few authentic entrees included on the menu. Purists may prefer more traditional places such as Taqueria Mexico in Waltham or El Sarape in Braintree, but the food here is quite a bit better than many of its more popular competitors both west and south of Boston (especially the chains). Everything is tasty here, from the enchiladas to the burritos to the tacos to the more traditional specials on the menu. And if you like to partake in adult beverages, the margaritas are terrific here, too. One note: those made with top-shelf tequila tend to be stronger than regular margaritas, so be forewarned.

The Alamo is a fairly long drive from Boston, so it caters mainly to people who live in Milford, Franklin, and other towns along this stretch of Route 495 southeast of Worcester. But for those of us who live inside Route 128 and are "in the know" about this place, the ride to Milford doesn't seem to be so bad, knowing what kind of food awaits. Kudos to The Alamo for serving some of the best Mexican-American food this side of, well, The Alamo!