Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Best Hidden Restaurants in the Boston Area, 2007

Here we go is time to pick a few of the best Boston restaurants on our site for 2007. This is our third year of picking top restaurants, and we have both old standbys as well as new restaurants listed this year, as well as a couple of new categories. Scroll down to see our picks for best restaurants of 2007 in the Boston area. (Note: This Best of 2007 Boston Restaurant page is part of our restaurant features section, which also includes our 2006 Best Boston Restaurants List and 2005 Best Boston Restaurants List).

Best American (New) Restaurant, 2007
Zon's, Jamaica Plain, MA (CLOSED)
Zon's is a funky, quirky bistro just off the main drag in Jamaica Plain. This slightly offbeat restaurant is a delightful place to grab some upscale comfort food, such as macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, or ribeye steak. Their burgers are outstanding, too.

Best American (Traditional) Restaurant, 2007
C.F. Donovan's, Dorchester, MA (CLOSED)
A two-time winner, C.F. Donovan's is in some ways the ultimate neighborhood restaurant. It is a friendly place, with much better than average pub grub as well as more substantial dinners. Folks who live in Savin Hill are lucky to have a place like this.

Best Breakfast Place, 2007
158 Main, Jeffersonville, VT
Would we drive 200 miles for breakfast? Well, no, but 158 Main has some pretty amazing breakfast items on their menu, including a sinful grilled maple bread (cinnamon raisin bread topped with maple ganache), as well as homemade French toast (baguettes are used for this dish). Dinners at this Northern Vermont gem are also excellent, by the way.

Best Chinese Restaurant, 2007
Shanghai Gate, Allston, MA
There are some really good Chinese restaurants scattered throughout the Boston area, but this rather obscure Allston dining spot continues to impress in so many ways. Shanghai Gate is a two-time winner on our site that certainly deserves to be better known than it is.

Best Diner, 2007
Mul's Diner, South Boston, MA
Mul's is a classic diner, complete with tiled floors, comfortable booths, and good, cheap food. And even though it is within walking distance of downtown Boston (albeit a long walk), few people know about this South Boston eatery. The locals don't mind, however, as it makes it that much easier for them to get a table.

Best Greek Restaurant, 2007
Farm Grill and Rotisserie, Newton, MA
It was tough to choose between the Farm Grill and North Cambridge's Greek Corner for best Greek restaurant in 2007, but the food at the Farm Grill seems to be just a little bit fresher and better-tasting. You can't go wrong with either, but the Farm Grill is certainly an impressive little place.

Best Hamburgers, 2007
O'Sullivan's, Somerville, MA
One of only two three-time winners on this site, O'Sullivan's is in danger of no longer being a hidden gem, and for good reason; the thick, meaty burgers here are something special, as they taste just like they are off an outdoor BBQ grill. Other food is decent here, but the burger is the thing at O'Sulivan's.

Best Hot Dog Stand, 2007
George's Coney Island, Worcester, MA
One dollar won't get you much these days; a third of a gallon of gas, a bottle of water, a pack of baseball cards, etc. But for about the price of one of these items, you can get what may be the best hot dog in New England at George's Coney Island in Worcester. Of course, if you live in Boston, it will cost more to get there than to eat, but...

Best Indian Restaurant, 2007
Shanti, Dorchester, MA
Now that Classic India in Quincy is gone, a void has been left in the Boston restaurant scene as far as Indian food is concerned. But Shanti, a cozy little dining spot in the Savin Hill section of Dorchester, nearly approaches the greatness of Classic India with some truly outstanding food that is well worth the slightly higher prices.

Best Italian Restaurant, 2007
Pasta Market Cafe, Malden, MA
The Pasta Market Cafe is one of the most "hidden" of all restaurants within the Boston's Hidden Restaurants site. But it is also the best Italian restaurant that we tried in 2007 (and we tried a lot!). The fresh pasta here is exquisite, and the traditional Italian pizza is fresh and delicious.

Best Mexican/Latin Restaurant, 2007 (TIE)
Angela's Cafe, East Boston, MA
Cafe Azteca, Lawrence, MA
There is nothing wrong with a tie, and there is definitely nothing wrong with either of these two Mexican restaurants. Both Angela's Cafe, a tiny East Boston dining spot with almost transcendent guacamole and mole sauce, and Cafe Azteca, an attractive Lawrence restaurant with an array of traditional dishes, get the nod for 2007.

Best Pizza, 2007
Lynwood Cafe, Randolph, MA
Contrary to what some folks say, Boston has a heckuva lot of good pizza joints. But there are only a few that are recognized as rising above the rest, and the Lynwood Cafe is surely one of them. This Randolph hole in the wall doesn't look like much, but it makes perhaps the best bar pizza in all of the greater Boston area.

Best Seafood Restaurant, 2007
Moulton's Seafood Restaurant, Medford, MA
Moulton's is a neighborhood restaurant and fish market that gets rave reviews from critics, but it is still relatively little-known. This Medford dining spot gets their fish fresh daily and cooks it up just right, and at very reasonable prices. It may not be on the water, but diners who frequent the place don't seem to care all that much.

Best Thai Restaurant, 2007
Dok Bua, Brookline, MA
A three-time winner on Boston's Hidden Restaurants, Dok Bua is a small, rather odd-looking place (it used to be a convenience store). Although the atmosphere won't bowl you over, the food here just seems so much better than nearly any other Thai restaurant in the Boston area. Prices are downright cheap and service is usually ok, but it is all about the traditional Thai cuisine at this unusual spot.