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2200 Waterbury Road, Cheshire, CT 06410
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Photo of Blackie's, Cheshire, CT What is it with Connecticut? It seems odd that this sometimes prim and proper state is home to the largest number of hot dog stands, burger joints, and roadside comfort food spots per capita in New England. Everywhere you turn, from Naugatuck (Al's Hot Dog Stand) to Fairfield (Super Duper Weenie) to Union (Traveler Restaurant) to Newington (Doogie's), there is an old-fashioned dining spot where people can get good, cheap food. And one can add Blackie's, a rather sad-looking joint in Cheshire with incredible burgers and hot dogs, to this list.

The first thing you notice about Blackie's is the fact that the place is housed in a barn (or a building that looks an awful lot like one). It also appears that the structure is tilting a bit, though it could just be that the parking lot is tilted. Whatever the case, as you come off of Route 84 just east of Waterbury and round the corner where Blackie's is, you might be startled by the look of the place. But what awaits inside is something special.

To put it simply, the hot dogs at Blackie's are some of the best that I have had in New England. Only Al's Hot Dog Stand (who uses the same Hummel hot dogs as Blackie's) and Super Duper Weenie are better, in this writer's opinion. These juicy, delicious dogs burst apart during the cooking process, bringing out the incredible flavor. The burgers are equally good in a similar fashion, as they are simple, cheap, and delicious. By the way, neither the hot dogs nor the burgers come with anything on them--you have to do that yourself. And don't even think of ordering fries with your burger or dog, as they are not available at Blackie's.

If it sounds like Blackie's is a bare-bones food stand, you are right; the tiny menu with few choices, the small dining rooms, and the old stools along the counter indicate that this is as far from gourmet dining as you can get. But where else can you get one of the best hot dogs you will ever try AND a burger that is pretty darn good, and get change back from a five? Indeed, Blackie's is one of the cheapest and one of the best food joints along Route 84, and while it might not look like much, looks indeed aren't everything.