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Coffee Sensations at Lord's Department Store (CLOSED)

446 Main Street, Medfield, MA 02052 Find location!

Photo of Coffee Sensations at Lord's Department Store, Medfield, MA Ok, let's face it; a dining spot with the name "Coffee Sensations" doesn't exactly sound like a place that stands out from the crowd. But wait--what's with the rest of the name--"Lord's Department Store"? Well, this is where it gets interesting, as there is indeed an eatery (and a pretty good one, actually) that is located within an old-fashioned five-and-dime, much like the lunch counters that Woolworth's used to have before disappearing from the American landscape about 15 years ago. And much like the Woolworth chain, the Coffee Sensations shop within Lord's Department Store appears to be a local gathering place with mostly repeat visitors, but unlike Woolworth's, this is no chain (although there is one other Coffee Sensations down the road a ways in Medway).

Most folks who have driven on Route 109 southwest of Boston are probably aware of Lord's Department Store, even if they have never been inside the place. The exterior is both unique and instantly familiar, with its trademark neon sign giving it the look of the type of classic general merchandise store that dotted the landscape well before today's generic big box stores came along. The interior is similarly old-fashioned (which makes sense, as the store first opened in 1940), with its charmingly cluttered aisles featuring everything from toys to greeting cards to stationery to candles to kitchenware. And smack dab in the middle of it all is a clean and cheery dining area with red stools, a black-and-white counter and floor, and tables that can accommodate a total of maybe eight people or so. Signage for Coffee Sensations isn't very prominent from the outside of Lord's, so unless you know it's there, you're likely to think that this is a department store and department store only, but when the front door is open, you may catch a fleeting glimpse of the eatery as you drive (or walk) by.

In a way, the food is almost secondary to the offbeat atmosphere of Coffee Sensations, as the menu offers mostly the basics, albeit with some definite highlights. The coffee, for instance, is rich and delicious, which makes sense because the place prides itself on their premium coffees from around the world. Breakfast dishes are of the type you might find in a greasy-spoon diner, with the fluffy chocolate chip pancakes being a deliciously filling option, sharing the menu with such items as Texas French toast, corned beef hash, waffles, omelettes, egg sandwiches, French crepes, bagels, muffins, and more. The lunch menu tends to focus on sandwiches, with the chopped chicken panini (which includes hot peppers and cheddar cheese) being a good option, as well as the tasty "Lisa's Dog," which is a grilled hot dog topped with a sharp bleu cheese and hot cayenne sauce that is typically used on chicken wings. Speaking of hot dogs, Coffee Sensations also has something called a "Woonsocket Dog," which includes a frank topped with onions, mustard, and celery salt. A few other lunch items here include macaroni and cheese (it tastes suspiciously like Kraft--not the best choice here), a Buffalo chicken Caesar salad, a steak bomb, a variety of burgers, a few chicken sandwich options (the excellent grilled chicken comes on a bulkie roll and has Monterey jack cheese on top), and both house-made cole slaw and potato salad. Beverage choices include a lime rickey as well as some sodas. Prices are relatively cheap, with everything being under $10.

Lord's Department Store is a total throwback, being the type of place that mostly doesn't exist anymore in the Boston area. And the Coffee Sensations within the shop is just icing on the cake, allowing shoppers the chance to kick back with a good meal while socializing with other folks from the neighborhood. It may not be fine dining--and Lord's definitely doesn't have the variety of a Target or Wal-Mart--but the Coffee Sensations/Lord's Department Store combination is certainly an interesting one, especially if you miss long-gone five-and-dimers like Woolworth's.