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Docksider Restaurant

14 Sea Street, Northeast Harbor, ME 04662
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Photo of Docksider Restaurant, Northeast Harbor, ME The Docksider Restaurant in Downeast Maine seems to be one of those places that is simply not very well-known, and for good reason; Northeast Harbor, ME, is a rather remote village located on a tiny peninsula of an island that is about 300 miles from Boston. Now, while the island happens to be Mount Desert Island, which is where the popular Acadia National Park is located, both Northeast Harbor and the Docksider Restaurant tend to remain rather quiet, even during the height of the busy summer season.

Just before reaching the charming village of Northeast Harbor, there is a side street that goes down to the town's beautiful harbor. This street is where you find the Docksider. The restaurant is a typical Maine seafood shack, with old wooden tables and chairs, nautical items hanging from the walls and ceiling, and a small deck where you can sit outside and enjoy sandwiches, seafood, and ice cream. And the food is wonderful at the Docksider; delectable lobster, tasty crabmeat au gratin, surprisingly great burgers, and delicious fish sandwiches are just a few of the meals you can get at the Docksider. But save room for ice cream, as we at Boston's Hidden Restaurants have included the Docksider on our ice cream stands page, considering it one of the best places for ice cream in New England.

Whether you go to the Docksider Restaurant for a sandwich and an ice cream at lunchtime or spend a leisurely evening digging into lobster at dinnertime, you can't go wrong at this classic seafood restaurant. If you are staying in nearby Bar Harbor, it is only about 20 minutes to Northeast Harbor and the ride is spectacular, so make sure you head over to this side of Mount Desert Island. You may just fall in love with Northeast Harbor, and with it, the Docksider Restaurant.