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The Grill and Eye

186 Washington Street, Weymouth, MA 02188
(781) 337-8678 Find location!
--- Winner, Best Breakfast Place in Boston Area, 2019 (also 2018) ---

Photo of The Grill and Eye, Weymouth, MA As a rule, neighborhood breakfast places should be cheap, quick, and friendly, and the food should tend to be of the stick-to-your-ribs variety that helps start the day on a comforting note, and the South Shore seems to have a number of such spots both hidden away and in plain sight. Well, a place near Weymouth Landing called The Grill and Eye meets all of these criteria pretty well, and while it is more or less in plain sight on Route 53, it gets almost totally overlooked for some reason. But for those who know about the place, it certainly tends to be a regular haunt--and for those outside of the area who are in the know, it is definitely your classic hidden gem.

Located on a hill rising above Weymouth Landing, The Grill and Eye is just far enough away from that commercial center and just far enough away from the busy Route 53/18 fork to the south to render it almost invisible, since it sits in a tiny space within a mostly residential area with little in the way of dining options. The storefront is a tiny but cute space, looking almost like an enclosed front porch attached to a house behind it. The interior of The Grill and Eye is simple and homey, with a scattering of tables in front of the counter area and some seats by the two large windows that allow a good amount of light in. Various photos and prints on the walls give the restaurant some local flavor, and a small TV is set up above the counter for those who might feel like watching news shows or whatever happens to be on at the time.

Being that it is a family-owned neighborhood breakfast spot, The Grill and Eye offers many familiar breakfast items, including bacon and eggs, omelets, waffles, pancakes, French toast, and the like, but the eatery also serves up some dishes not always seen in greasy spoons around the Boston area. For those who have a particularly big appetite, the biscuits and gravy are a must, with the white gravy giving it a somewhat similar appearance to the classic old military dish called "SOS" (and if you don't know what "SOS" stands for, feel free to look it up). The biscuits and gravy can be made even more decadent by the addition of a special side called New York home fries which have bacon and cheese added to them--or the dish can be ordered separately as a standalone side when available. Another sleep-inducing option at The Grill and Eye is the burger and eggs with home fries, and while this sounds like an odd combination, it really isn't, as it is basically like steak and eggs but with griddled ground beef rather than steak (and the home fries are substantial and very crispy). The basic ham and eggs plate is really anything but basic, as the thick slab of hamsteak is a meal in of itself and the inclusion of eggs, home fries, and an English muffin allow for the possibility that this could be your final meal of the day. A breakfast "pouch" is a takeoff on a breakfast sandwich, with eggs, cheese, and bacon stuffed into a pita pocket and perhaps being easier to eat with a knife and fork depending on how stuffed it is. Finally, the country hash special is another fine option, with house-made hash, veggies, and eggs making for a simple yet substantial meal. Breakfast is served all day at The Grill and Eye, but some lunch options are available as well, with fish and chips, meatloaf, burgers, and more being offered.

The Grill and Eye is a bit of a throwback, being a simple and humble little breakfast and lunch spot that is about as far away from the trendy hotspots as you can get. These types of unassuming diners seem to be more and more difficult to find with each passing year, so it's refreshing to find such a place when traveling around--and it is surely a spot that deserves to be considered if you are a fan of big, generous breakfasts offered at very reasonable prices.