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4 Must-Try Halal Restaurants in Boston

(This post was created by Joselyn Seifer -- a contributor for
Indian food is generally very vegetarian friendly, but carnivores are the ones who really luck out in these four halal establishments. Each of them had great service, a nice dining atmosphere and of course amazing vegetarian and halal meat dishes.

Boston's Best Halal Restaurants

• Halal Indian Cuisine (736 Huntington Ave):
The intimate feel of this place, along with the friendly staff made me feel like I could definitely make it a regular lunch hangout. The Palak Paneer, with the spinach and spices and homemade cottage cheese is truly a delightful dish. Both the mint and tamarind chutney choices for the samosas were lovely. Prices are more than reasonable for the portion size and exquisite preparation. There's a care and attention to speedy service here that makes you feel cared for, and it's reflected in the quality of the dishes.

• Cafe Mamtaz (87 L St):
This convenient little spot is known for fast service and great food; plus, they have dinner delivery. The Gosh Saag with Goat is notable, but the Chicken Tikka Masala and Tandoori Chicken are certainly above average. Mamtaz's stand-out dish, however, is the Garlic Naan. With no shortage of vegetarian dishes, and prompt delivery, Cafe Mamtaz is a definite must-try.

• Mehak (329 Sumner St):
This East Boston restaurant offered several bright spots my first time there. A huge selection of fresh breads on menu. The Aloo Paratha, with baked-in spices and potatoes is particularly savory. If you have a chance, definitely try the Daal: the cooked lentils with ginger, onion and peppers almost overpowered a good way.

• Cafe Beirut (654 Centre St):
Beirut was a quiet, intimate space that I'd definitely return to for its low-key atmosphere. Don't be overwhelmed by the large menu choices; the friendly staff is more than happy to make recommendations. I can recommend the Lamb Schwarma with the hot sauce; the sweetness of the meet is set off perfectly with the heat. If my friend hadn't already strongly recommended the Schwarma, I might have opted for the Pumpkin Kibby. The staff here was also extremely polite and constantly checking with me, though not hovering. I will be back to Beirut.

All of these restaurants have the potential to become neighborhood favorites. And as long as they keep producing the dishes I was able to try, they'll deserve even greater notoriety. Are there any notable halal establishments in your neck of Boston?