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Indian Delight (CLOSED)

428 Washington Street, Weymouth, MA 02188
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Photo of Indian Delight, Weymouth, MA Sometimes, a good, solid restaurant that has been around for years seems to somehow get continually overlooked by critics, foodies, and nearly everyone else except for those who live in the immediate area. A number of such places are featured on this site, including a restaurant in Weymouth called Indian Delight that has been around since the early 1990s, yet still remains completely under the radar. Perhaps it is the location of the dining spot (just north of a busy and sometimes dicey intersection) or maybe it is the rather plain-looking exterior of the place, but whatever the case, Indian Delight remains a real hidden gem in this southern suburb of Boston.

Much like some of the other dining spots along Route 53 in Weymouth and other towns on the South Shore, Indian Delight resides in a standalone structure with its own parking lot and a good amount of space inside. While not exactly an exotic-looking place, the restaurant has a warm, comfortable feel, especially in its main dining area to the right. Large booths line the walls with most set up next to windows overlooking the street, while a few tables are placed in the middle of the main room. Red patterned carpeting and a large chandelier add a nice touch to the room. The left side of the restaurant has additional seating, while the middle includes a bar and buffet area (lunch buffets are offered on weekdays, with a brunch buffet on weekends).

While not having the most extensive menu among Indian restaurants in the Boston area, Indian Delight has a lot from which to choose, including a handful of Southern Indian dishes as well as some items that might be found in Pakistani dining spots. Both cold and hot appetizers are offered, as well as a few soups. Cold appetizers include chaat, a Pakistani and Indian dish that comes with either chicken or shrimp mixed with cucumber and a sweet and sour sauce. Hot appetizers include pakoras that are coated with a delicious chickpea batter, samosas that are moderately spicy and are deep-fried, and aloo tikki, which are fried potato patties that have an interior not unlike spicy mashed potatoes and that comfort-food lovers will probably love. Soups include an outstanding mulligatawny soup that is heavy on the turmeric and has a delicious mix of veggies and lentils. Unlike some Indian restaurants, both naan (unleavened bread) and roti (traditional flat bread) are offered, with the roti having a nice, light flavor.

Entrees at Indian Delight include many familiar items (biryani, saag, curry, kababs, tandoori chicken) with a few lesser-known items mixed in, such as the dal makhani, or lentils sauteed in butter and mixed with spices. The chicken tikka masala, a popular tomato-based dish that often isn't very spicy, has a nice kick to it even when ordered moderately spicy, and is wonderfully flavorful here. Another well-known entree--the chicken vindaloo--is served with large pieces of chicken breast and can be almost intolerably hot, depending on how you order it. Desserts include mango ice cream, ras malai (homemade cheese patties), and kheer (rice cooked in sweetened milk with almonds and raisins).

Indian Delight may not be the best Indian restaurant in the Boston area, but it is surely one of the least-known, and quite a good one at that. Decent prices, plenty of parking, and a convenient location (only a minute or two from Route 3) make this a restaurant worth seeking out, especially if you are a fan of warm, comforting foods cooked with exotic spices.