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5 Best Italian Restaurants Not in the North End

When looking for new Italian restaurants in the Boston area you are almost always pointing in the direction of the city's North End and rightfully so. The North End offers some of the most inspired Italian dishes in the city and is world renowned for its cafes, bakeries, and restaurants. But what if you are looking to find a place that is off the beaten path? Sure, the North End is home to some of Boston's best, but that doesn't mean you can't find a hidden gem in one of Boston's many other famous neighborhoods. Here are 5 of the top Italian restaurants for people that are looking to venture outside the North End.

1. Stella (The South End)
Stella is an Italian eatery located in the heart of Boston's South End. Stella is known for its outstanding service and wonderful patio dining area. Stella is the perfect place to enjoy a casual dining experience with friends and family in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This restaurant has reasonably priced traditional Italian cuisine with a modern flair and has an excellent wine list as well as an unparalleled dessert menu. Stella even recently added a new dining room that includes a bar and fireplace. It's the perfect place to go for a date or a simple gathering of friends.

2. Giacomo's (South End)
Don't get confused, there are Giacomo's in both the North and South Ends of Boston. The South End location is known for its superior service and family friendly atmosphere. Both locations usually have quite a line, due to the restaurants no reservation policy, but the South End location's line seems to be quicker with more focus on service. The food is your basic Italian fare, with heaping portions of pasta and magnificent seafood and steaks. Sadly, Giacomo's does not offer a dessert menu, but its extensive wine list more than makes up for its shortcomings.

3. Davio's (Back Bay)
Davio's in the Back Bay offers one of the most remarkable restaurant interiors in the entire city. It is the perfect place for an after work drink or a sophisticated dinner. Davio's is also one of the city's best places for spotting celebrities and professional athletes. This added bonus is definitely one of the reasons Davio's has become so popular for tourists and natives alike. The menu is that of a refined Italian steakhouse that offers everything from steak, to seafood, to gourmet pizza. They also have one of the best dessert menus in the city, as they do all of their baking in house.

4. Dante (Cambridge)
Dante is an extremely popular restaurant located just outside Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dante is home to renowned chef Dante de Magistris, who is well known for his mix of Mediterranean and American cuisine. Dante also offers an amazing view of the Charles River, along with its original and exciting food selection. This restaurant boasts an impressive wine list as well as a long list of original and unique cocktails.

5. Carlo's (Allston)
Definitely the most casual of the restaurants mentioned above, Carlo's caters to the young professional crowd that populates the Allston/ Brighton area. With reasonably priced Italian food and a casual friendly atmosphere, it's a place where they don't break out the fancy dinnerware. Unfortunately, the cramped quarters and no reservations policy means you're most likely in for a wait. The food is inspired by Southern Italian cuisine and is plentiful as well as flavorful, but sadly the dessert menu leaves a little to be desired. Nevertheless, Carlo's is a fun place that won't cost you an arm and a leg.