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Louis (CLOSED)

1269 Sea Street, Quincy, MA 02169
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Photo of Louis, Quincy, MA Some dining places that are spotlighted within the Boston's Hidden Restaurants site are featured as much for the "hidden" factor than for the food, including such places as the Winthrop Arms in Winthrop, the Dudley Chateau in Wayland, and Antique Table in Lynn. And indeed, while the dishes that Louis (which used to be known as "Louis' Crossing") in Quincy serves are generally very impressive, it is also the fact that this neighborhood restaurant is so utterly unknown and completely hidden away from the rest of the Boston area that helps to make it a featured dining spot on this website.

The street that Louis is on (the name "Louis" comes from a basset hound who was the pet of one of the former owners years ago, by the way) is actually a busy road--at least at its start near Quincy Center--and is indeed the same Sea Street that Grumpy White's is on. But as Sea Street continues east, it peters out from a four-lane road to two lanes, eventually ending rather unceremoniously in Hough's Neck, a Quincy neighborhood that sticks so far out into Boston Harbor that it feels closer to the harbor's islands than the rest of Greater Boston. And it is on this part of Sea Street that Louis can be found. Rather nondescript and unassuming from the outside (though a bit more gussied up than the former Louis' Crossing), it almost looks more like a private club than a restaurant. It is indeed the latter, however, and one that has a surprisingly attractive interior and a pretty varied menu, making this a place that is a step up from your typical local dining spot and watering hole. Louis has a good amount of space inside, with a number of booths and tables located in the well-lit dining room (complete with fireplace and seashell-shaped sconces), and more seating in the adjacent bar area, which is walled off from the dining section. A new outdoor patio has been added to the restaurant, with the outdoor area being along Bay View Avenue and indeed having some limited views of the water just down the street.

Some the items on the ever-changing menu fall into the pub grub category, while much of the rest of the menu includes traditional American entrees. The former includes (depending on the season) a plate of bacon-wrapped scallops with a very nice presentation, a juicy half-pound cheeseburger, a meaty and tasty chili, coconut-crusted chicken tenders (which is only on special), chicken bites that are loaded with sharp-tasting bleu cheese on top, bourbon steak tips, moist and delicate fish and chips, and both ham and cheese and roast beef sandwiches, while the latter includes fish tacos that have a slight kick to them, lobster macaroni and cheese (also only on special), a huge hunk of tender meat loaf, pan-seared swordfish, a rich-tasting fried flounder (Hough's Neck was once considered the flounder capital of the world), a substantial rack of lamb, and grilled almond-crusted salmon. Other items at Louis include appetizers such as a solid Caesar salad, mussels bianco (excellent quality shellfish in garlic butter and white wine), and a crock of French onion soup, while other main dishes include a delicious (and very filling) eggplant rollatini that comes on a bed of pasta, a great version of chicken parmigiana with a rich red sauce, tender fried scallops that are offered with either fries or onion rings, a plate of St. Louis style ribs with baked beans on the side, a boneless fried chicken plate (also known as The Necka) with mashed potatoes and bleu cheese, a turkey dinner that is only available on Thursdays as of this writing, and a very reasonably priced steak frites dish. The beer selection at Louis is pretty basic--this is by no means a gastropub--and desserts include a sweet-tasting grapenut pudding along with apple pie, chocolate cake, and cheesecake. Prices may seem slightly high for a neighborhood restaurant like this, but not excessively so, and service is friendly and welcoming. As a bonus, diners can stroll down the side street that Louis borders, enjoying some of the most unspoiled views of the ocean that can be found within in the greater Boston area.

If you like the thought of "discovering" restaurants that few others have, Louis is certainly a place to think about going to. Its easy parking, nearby ocean views (including part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Park just up the street), impressive food, and friendly vibe only add to the satisfaction of finding this completely unknown place. So get a good map or set your GPS, find Hough's Neck on it, and get in your car; it will likely be well worth the trip.