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Niko's Restaurant

948 Broad Street, East Weymouth, MA 02189
(781) 335-4423 Find location!

Photo of Niko's Restaurant, East Weymouth, MA As many of the locals know, the South Shore community of Weymouth seems to have quite a number of options for breakfast. From Easter Country Kitchen to Jimmy's Broad Street Diner to The Grill and Eye and a number of others (including some that do breakfast, lunch, and dinner like the Mad Hatter and The Venetian Restaurant), there is certainly no shortage of places to get bacon and eggs, waffles, omelets, French toast, or pancakes here. And one of the best places in town for breakfast may also be one of the least known, at least outside of the immediate area--a homey little spot in Jackson Square (and within sight of the aforementioned Venetian) called Niko's Restaurant.

Housed in what looks like more of a residential structure than a commercial building, Niko's Restaurant is about midway between all of the major roads in Weymouth, including Route 3A, Route 53, Route 18, and Route 3. This makes the breakfast and lunch spot very little known outside of the immediate area, with even some folks in neighboring towns such as Braintree and Quincy being unaware of it. Niko's has its own parking lot and also has some open space surrounding much of it, with park benches and shady trees making it a great dining spot for grabbing takeout on a warm summer day. For those who are dining in, the partitioned room inside is quite comfortable and attractive, with hardwood floors, warm lighting, and walls that have earthy tones. Four columns of tables extend from the front to the back (including some booths along the right side), while the kitchen area sits off to the left of the dining area.

For the most part, breakfast offerings at Niko's Restaurant will probably be familiar to those who frequent greasy spoon diners and neighborhood breakfast places (including some basic breakfast plate options with eggs, home fries, toast, bacon, ham, etc.), but a few slightly different dishes can also be found here, including cinnamon-swirl French toast, a smoked salmon breakfast sandwich, banana chocolate chip pancakes, and a Canadian bacon benedict. Speaking of benedicts, a wide selection of benedict and omelet dishes can also be ordered here, with the bacon and corned beef hash options within the former category being particularly tasty ones (the hollandaise sauce is house-made, by the way). One of the signature dishes at Niko's Restaurant is the grilled banana bread, which is buttery, rich-tasting, and filling enough to be more of a meal than a side dish. Lunch items are almost exclusively sandwiches (burgers, panini, wraps), with a number of salads available as well, including a smoked salmon salad and a Greek salad. Prices at Niko's will probably not elicit many complaints, as most breakfast and lunch items are well under $10.

While Weymouth indeed has a number of places to enjoy a leisurely breakfast on a weekend or a quick bite to eat before work on a weekday, some spots are certainly better than others, and Niko's does seem to be toward the top of the heap in this category. It is a friendly and low-key eatery where locals (including folks from nearby Hingham) tend to go to again and again, and the no-stress parking situation and relative ease in getting a table help make it even more appealing. Niko's may not be a well-known restaurant in the Boston area--or even on the South Shore, for that matter--but it is a great option that is also pretty easy to get to once you know where it is.