Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Parker's Maple Barn

1316 Brookline Road, Mason, NH, 03048
(603) 878-2308 Find location!

Photo of Parker's Maple Barn, Mason, NH While most dining spots that are featured in Boston's Hidden Restaurants are reviewed because they are little-known, a few of the featured restaurants are also here because they are literally hidden. And Parker's Maple Barn certainly fits this latter category. While Parker's is quite popular, with long waits on weekends at times, many diners still do not know about Parker's, mainly because they have no idea where Mason, New Hampshire is. So where exactly is Mason? Well, there is not enough room here to tell you, so click the link above!

Once you are able to find your way to Parker's Maple Barn, you will surely be struck by the quaint, rustic atmosphere of this breakfast spot. The restaurant is in the main building, with a gift shop next door and a sugar house toward the end of the parking lot. And all of this is found in a wooded hillside setting, with a bubbling brook in the back (a short hiking trail leads to the stream).

The inside of Parker's Maple Barn (which is, indeed, an old barn) feels almost like an old hunting lodge, with high ceilings, wood burning stoves, and ancient tools and other items adorning the walls. And in this setting, patrons dine on traditional breakfast dishes, such as pancakes, french toast, waffles, eggs, bacon, ham, and sausage. Can't decide what to eat? You can have it all at Parker's Maple Barn by ordering the Parker's Special, which includes, well, just about all of the above. If you are able to finish this belly-busting dish, don't expect to eat for the rest of the day.

Parker's Maple Barn is a place that many people find by accident, perhaps while looking at fall foliage or maybe while taking mystery rides west of the Nashua area. This writer actually found Parker's Maple Barn years ago while doing some leaf-peeping in southern New Hampshire, and the rest is history. If you are up for a long, adventurous journey from the Boston area, check out Parker's. And if you get lost, just think how good that Parker's Special will be by the time you end up finding this wonderful place.