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Sadie's Saloon and Eatery (CLOSED)

5 Pine Street, Waltham, MA 02453
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Photo of Sadie's, Waltham, MA Along with pizza, hot dogs, and burgers, steak tips seem to be a food item that begs the question, "Who has the best ones"? And as with these other foods, it is a question that stirs up much debate; generally, the restaurant that is seen as setting the standard for steak tips in the Boston area is the New Bridge Cafe in Chelsea, but there are other favorites, too, including Cronin's Publick House in Quincy, The Halfway Cafe (several locations), Joe Sent Me in Cambridge, and the West Street Grill in Newton. And adding to this list, once could easily put Sadie's in Waltham at or near the top.

Sadie's Saloon and eatery, which is located just off Moody Street (Waltham's "restaurant row"), has the look of a place that you would expect good steak tips from. The place is basically a dive bar, complete with vinyl booths, old wooden chairs, and a grimy black ceiling with pipes and wires winding along it. A bar area sits to the left, partially blocked off from the dining area, and there are televisions in both the bar and dining areas, allowing patrons to enjoy whatever game is on at the time.

The menu at Sadie's includes a number of pub grub items, including burgers, nachos, chicken wings, potato skins, and a basic but tasty chili, but the main reason to come to Sadie's is for their tips. And they have more than just steak tips; diners can choose from turkey tips, pork tips, and steak tips with either the basic or teriyaki marinade. The pork tips are solid chunks of white meat (and red-tinged, much like Chinese spare ribs), while the turkey tips are tasty, though perhaps not the best choice. Both versions of the steak tips are outstanding, with the regular tips having a milder (but still flavorful) marinade than that of the teriyaki tips. If you have trouble deciding which tips to get, you can order a combination plate, with the pork tips and steak tips combo plate being perhaps the best way to go.

Sadie's is definitely not the type of place to go if you are cutting a business deal or trying to impress a first date (unless that first date considers formal attire to be jeans without rips). But it is undoubtedly a destination place if you love steak tips and don't mind going to a place that is the epitome of no-frills dining. Parking is fairly easy and the prices are cheap, so there is little reason not to go to Sadie's, which is indeed a worthy alternative to Chelsea's New Bridge Cafe.