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Saigon Restaurant

16 D Exchange Street, Millis, MA 02054
(508) 376-2414 Find location!

Photo of Saigon Restaurant, Millis, MA Before you ask where the town of Millis is, it may be a good idea to remember that the city of Boston does not have a monopoly on good ethnic restaurants; indeed, the terrific Saigon Restaurant is located in a rather bucolic community that seems to be a world away from Beantown. And while it may seem to be a bit of an odd place to go for transparent noodle soup or squid curry, the scenic ride down Route 109 through the southwestern suburbs of Boston is well worth taking on a Friday or Saturday night--or any night, for that matter.

Saigon Restaurant is fairly small inside, with plain decor, but it is clean, comfortable, and rather pleasant in a spartan sort of way. The menu is similarly simple, and mostly steers clear of the noodle soups so often found in Vietnamese restaurants (although they do have a nice nutmeg-tinged pho ga, but it is listed simply as chicken rice noodle soup). Instead, numerous chicken, pork, beef, and seafood dishes are offered, and they come with some delicious sauces. The fish and soybean sauces are top notch, and the curry sauce is about the best this side of Apsara. There is nothing that tastes even remotely processed at Saigon, so pretty much whatever you decide to order here will be a healthy and fresh choice.

A few things to remember: First, Saigon does not have a liquor license, so make sure you bring your own; second, it is not open on Sundays or Mondays; third, the restaurant is in Millis, which is fine if you live southwest of Boston, but it is a bit of a haul if you live in Boston proper. However, there are some who say that there aren't very many Vietnamese restaurant that are better in eastern Massachusetts. This writer's opinion? Honestly, Providence's aforementioned Apsara towers over nearly every Southeast Asian restaurant in New England. And yes, Boston itself has some tough competition, including the phenomenal Le's (formerly Pho Pasteur) as well as some of the other spots listed in Boston's Hidden Restaurants. When all is said and done, though, Saigon Restaurant is a unique mix of great food, cozy surroundings, and the feeling that no one else knows about this place. And that should be more than enough for you to venture out to Millis to try out this pleasant little dining spot.