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Stewart's Pub

140 Jefferson Avenue, Everett, MA 02149
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Photo of Stewart's Pub, Everett, MA Everett seems to be one of the few communities in the Boston area that gets very little press about its dining scene, and perhaps for good reason; it just doesn't have that many restaurants, even though it is a city of more than 40,000 people. Some real hidden gems can be found there, however, and because Everett resides in the heart of "steak tip country" (which also includes such nearby places as Malden, Chelsea, and East Boston), some good options for this mostly regional dish can be found if you look hard enough. One such spot for tips (and more) is a rather obscure Irish pub called Stewart's, which is a tiny drinking place that's off the beaten track near where Everett, Chelsea, and Revere all meet.

Stewart's Pub resides in a mostly residential part of Everett and is actually one of a few steak tip places within walking distance of one another, including perhaps the best-known spot for tips in the Boston area--the NewBridge Cafe in Chelsea. Stewart's is actually a part of a residential building, with the restaurant and bar being on the ground floor and the living quarters above it, with the entire building sitting above Elm Street. There isn't much to the place, with a tiny outdoor deck (mostly for smokers) out front, a long bar with chairs to the right inside the space, and a few tables to the left with short round bar stools that aren't really meant for long-term sitting (the chairs with backs at the bar are more comfortable). Further back in the space are dartboards and a jukebox. While rather spartan, Stewart's is more pleasant than your basic dive bar--and this is definitely not a dive bar, but more of a neighborhood joint--with much of the interior looking shiny and new and a bit of light coming through its several windows running along the left side facing the street.

Like many Irish pubs in the Boston area, the menu at Stewart's includes mostly bar food, with a few dishes that lean toward the type of fare you might find at a pub in Ireland. Here you will find all the standards, such as chicken tenders, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, club sandwiches, and hand-pressed burgers, along with more Irish-leaning items such as fish and chips, fried scallops, fries with curry sauce, "Irish" nachos (potato chips with bacon, cheese, onions, tomatoes, and sour cream), and freshly-made soups such as a savory potato soup. The tips seem to be the signature dish at Stewart's, and they are terrific; the steak tips come with a deliciously rich bbq-style marinade and sides of house-made coleslaw and steak fries, while the turkey tips may be even better, with a slightly less "heavy" taste and tender meat that can be easily cut through. It is all a matter of opinion, but the steak tips here are very close in quality to those of the aforementioned NewBridge, while the turkey tips reach or possibly even exceed those of that legendary place. Drinks at Stewart's include perfectly-poured pints of Guinness while desserts include house-made treats that change on a daily basis.

Stewart's is proof that the city of Everett does have some good dining spots, and if you are a fan of steak tips (and turkey tips), this typically-quiet place is a very good alternative to the more crowded NewBridge Cafe. Whether its tips are the best in the area is certainly up for debate, but they definitely seem to be up there, and since the spot is so close to the NewBridge and other such dining and drinking establishments, it could actually be easy to make comparison test all in one night if you have a decent appetite.