Boston's Hidden Restaurants

T. Anthony's Pizzeria

1016 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215
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Photo of T. Anthony's Pizzeria, in Boston, MA OK, this review may just need a bit of explaining. Some may be asking how a dining spot that is so popular with college students can also be featured as a hidden restaurant on the site. Well, the short answer is that while T. Anthony's has been a longtime fixture among those who go to Boston University, it is virtually unknown in other segments of the population (especially those who live outside of the city). But whether you consider this Commonwealth Avenue pizza place to be well-known or, well, not so well-known, one thing is tough to dispute; T. Anthony's happens to serve up some of the best thin-crust pizza in the entire Greater Boston area.

T. Anthony's is housed in a fairly large space toward the western edge of Boston University, in a neighborhood that has a large number of restaurants, many of which are takeout joints. What makes T. Anthony's different from some of the others is the fact that they consistently put out an excellent product, plus the fact that they have existed so long in an area that has fairly high turnover of dining spots. the place looks like so many others in the neighborhood, with its bright lights, hard chairs and tables, and ordering counter giving it very little atmosphere, though the walls are adorned with countless sports photos, including those connected to Boston University, adding a bit of interest (and history) to the space.

As hinted at earlier, the pizza at T. Anthony's, in the eyes of some, is comparable to some of the greats in and around Boston, including Regina's in the North End, Santarpio's in East Boston, and Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale, and it is one of the relatively few New York-style pies in the region that is well worth seeking out. The pizza has a thin and mostly dry crust that has no corn meal on the bottom, and is more chewy than cracker-like, and the sauce is a touch more sweet than that of other pizzerias, almost tasting like that of the sweet sauces so often used with Sicilian pizza slices. On top of the sauce lies a mix of cheeses that gives T. Anthony's pizza a bit of a bite to it, while the cheese also has a good amount of oil--though not enough to overwhelm the rest of the ingredients. The eatery also has subs for those who might not be in the mood for pizza, with their steak and cheese being a standout, using chunks of steak rather than the shaved steak that is more typically used in this area.

BU students are indeed fortunate to have such a great pizza place within walking distance of most of their campus. But if you are not a BU student, don't fret, as there is usually enough parking near T. Anthony's to be able to get there with relative ease (and the Green Line passes right by it, too). Whether you are a college student on a budget or a person who has graduated years ago and now lives in the suburbs, T. Anthony's is certainly a spot that should be on your short list of places to get outstanding pizza.