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Taso's Euro-Cafe

125 Access Road, Norwood, MA 02062
(781) 278-0001 Find location!
--- Winner, Best Greek restaurant in Boston Area, 2015 ---

Photo of Taso's Euro-Cafe, Norwood, MA When people think of dining at airports, they often think of greasy fast food, overpriced sitdown restaurants, ultra-crowded spots that are not all that comfortable, or perhaps they try not to think of it at all. But a few of the smaller airports around Massachusetts and elsewhere in New England actually have decent restaurants, including even some destination spots. And one of these places happens to be only a short ride from Boston. Located at Gate 1 of Norwood Memorial Airport is a fantastic family-run Greek restaurant called Taso's Euro-Cafe, a full-service dining spot that gives some of the best Greek places around Boston a run for their money.

Taso's Euro-Cafe used to reside in Quincy, but a fire unfortunately destroyed their original location there. Now located just off of Route 1 north (near the Automile), Taso's is more of a real sitdown restaurant than it was back in Quincy, when it was basically a takeout place. The restaurant has a main dining area to the left of the entrance, as well as a smaller area to the right. The main area also has a small section separated by a railing where tables are lined up along the front windows. There is also a counter area where people can pick up meals to go, as well as buy various items in the food displays along the counter.

The menu at Taso's has a number of terrific dishes. Appetizers include a creamy egg lemon chicken soup (also known as avgolemono), a Greek salad that is overloaded with feta cheese, meatless stuffed grape leaves that have perfectly-seasoned rice inside, and opa opa fries with feta cheese and tzatziki sauce (this last item is only on special). For entrees, Taso's offers a personal-sized pan pizza that is a bit puffy like Greek pizzas found at your neighborhood houses of pizza, but with much less grease; a hearty pastichio (meat and macaroni pie) that has onions, oil, spices, and bechamel sauce adding a mix of flavors; a rich-tasting moussaka with layers of ground beef, eggplant, and bechamel; lamb and chicken souvlaki dishes that come with tzatziki (yogurt sauce) and both of which feature lean, tender meat; baked lamb, which comes in a delicious tomato sauce; spanakopita (spinach pie), a mix of spinach and feta served as a large single piece rather than as small triangles; stuffed peppers that are filled with seasoned ground beef and rice; tender and nicely-charred steak tips that actually rival some of the best in the Boston area; and the always-popular gyro, which includes sauteed meat, pita bread and tzatziki. For dessert, the ekmek (a Turkish item that has custard placed atop shredded phyllo) was an excellent choice, though it isn't typically offered anymore, while the baklava at Taso's is a must, as it is made in the traditional way (using sugar water) and served as a wedge, much like a piece of pie. The cupcakes are also well worth trying as is the extremely rich chocolate mousse cake.

It is strange to think that the busy, often-frenzied Route 1 is so close to Taso's Euro-Cafe, yet Taso's feels so off the beaten track. But those in the know realize that a special meal can be had at Norwood Memorial Airport, whether they go for lunch or dinner. Taso's may not be easy to find, but it is a nice little restaurant that certainly serves up some really good Greek food.