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The Line Steak and Brew

10 Woodlawn Avenue, Everett, MA 02149
(617) 389-7706 Find location!

Photo of The Line Steak and Brew, Everett, MA There is a little piece of Chelsea and Everett that seems to make up the heart of "steak tip country," with such legendary local spots as the Newbridge Cafe and Floramo's Restaurant along with lesser-known places such as Stewart's Pub serving up some of the best tips in the entire Boston area. And right in the middle of it all--and almost within sight of the Newbridge and Stewart's--is an even lesser-known bar called The Line Steak and Brew that has been around for a number of years and yet gets zero press and very few online reviews from diners. Is it because it looks a bit questionable from the outside? Or maybe it is because Newbridge's sublime steak tips are only a few hundred feet away? Whatever the reason, The Line is a place that lovers of this popular regional dish certainly should have on their radar.

The Line sits on a side street in a residential part of Everett that is very close to the Chelsea and Revere borders, and as previously mentioned, a few blocks from both the Newbridge and Stewart's (Floramo's is a bit more than a mile to the south). The exterior of the bar is pure old-school, with a Bud Light sign attached to the roof, a Keno sign to the left of the door (which is sometimes held open by a cigarette receptacle), and a "Line Steak and Brew" sign above the door that could be made out of wood though perhaps not. The inside of the place is small and basic--much smaller than the Newbridge--and contains a large wraparound bar, a few tables, a dartboard, jukebox, TVs, and that's about it. The overall feel of The Line is that of dive bar that is almost exclusively geared toward locals in the immediate neighborhood, but newcomers are certainly made to feel welcome and it is easy to feel like a part of a private group here because of the snug surroundings.

In some ways, The Line is a place to go for beers, shots, or mixed drinks rather than food, as its menu is limited and pretty basic, including such familiar items as burgers, hot dogs, wings, tenders, and fries. But for those in the know (and those who know that this part of the Boston area is steak tip country), the steak tips are probably the way to go here, with the charred and nicely-marinated meat that, while not quite reaching the heights of that of the Newbridge or Floramo's (or the vastly underrated Stewart's), meets or beats most other tips you'll find anywhere else in and around Boston. One other item on the menu at The Line that should be noted is the outstanding sausage, which is more savory than sweet and incredibly juicy, and can be ordered as part of a mixed grill plate or as a sub. Don't expect craft brews at The Line (and the wines are of the basic variety), but it is by no means a place to go for trendy drinks, and the prices for the drink options--along with the food items--are very reasonable overall.

The Line is a place that countless people have driven by on their way back from the Newbridge Cafe, but ask any of them if they have been there and the answer will more than likely be "no." The bar is definitely a worthwhile alternative to both the Newbridge and Floramo's, however, with a mixed grill including steak tips and sausage probably being the way to go. Much like Stewart's down the street, The Line is a place in the middle of steak tip country that may feel a bit rough around the edges, but is a total hidden gem that meat lovers will want to check out.