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Union Station Brewery

36 Exchange Terrace, Providence, RI 02903
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Photo of Union Station Brewery, Providence, RI To many diners who live outside of Providence, the city is all about Federal Hill and Atwells Avenue, which is where some of the best Italian restaurants in New England can be found. But Providence has other sections that are brimming with good dining spots, including College Hill, Fox Point, and the downtown area itself. And while downtown Providence has lots of popular eateries, there are also a number of excellent restaurants that few diners outside of Providence have heard about. One of these is the Union Station Brewery, a pleasant restaurant in the bottom floor of a wonderful old freight house in the heart of the downtown district.

The Union Station Brewery is actually owned by the same folks who brought us John Harvard's Brew House in Harvard Square and Framingham, as well as a few other locations in the Northeast. The Union Station Brewery feels different from the flagship restaurant in Cambridge, however, as the Harvard Square location is often packed with college students and tourists and can be loud and hectic. The restaurant in Providence is mellower and family-friendly, and is also popular with the nearby business crowd. It is also fairly spacious, with even more room in the warmer months when the attractive outdoor patio area is open.

The service at the Union Station Brewery is top notch, with the waitstaff being friendly and professional. And the food at this dark, cozy restaurant is excellent, with a wide variety of entrees, including pub grub, salads (including the delicious Mediterranean chicken salad), and interesting dinner entrees, such as hickory smoked ribs, salmon paella, and a fantastic orecchiette with chicken and prosciutto. And, of course, the Union Station Brewery has some amazing beers; try their sampler to get an idea of what kinds of crafted beers they have here.

The Union Station Brewery may not be the best restaurant in Providence, but it is definitely a place to check out if you are in the area. History lovers will especially love the restaurant, as there is indeed something special about dining in the basement of an old train station. And beer lovers will surely find this place to be right up their alley. And for everyone else? Well, you can't argue with the delicious food and the excellent service here. History lovers, beer lovers, and food lovers should definitely look into this delightful restaurant in the heart of Providence.