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Venetian Restaurant

909 Broad Street, East Weymouth, MA 02189
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Photo of The Venetian Restaurant, East Weymouth, MA While there are some very good breakfast places, lunch spots, and dinner restaurants in the Boston area, it is not often that a dining spot is worth going to for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. The Venetian, a classic family restaurant in East Weymouth that has been around since the 1920s, is just such a place. From the hearty traditional Irish breakfast to the excellent meatball sandwiches and decent pizzas to the delicious pork chops with vinegar peppers and pasta, the Venetian is one restaurant that you could almost stay at all day long on a lazy weekend day.

The Venetian Restaurant is located in a structure that seems to be a combination of a private home and a commercial building. And while the inside of the restaurant has little natural light (indeed, there are few, if any, windows in the place) and rather plain decor, it is almost charming in its Spartan atmosphere. The Venetian Restaurant is definitely a family-friendly place, with large tables, several rooms, and a wide variety of familiar dishes. Breakfast at the Venetian holds few surprises, but the Irish brown bread, scali bread, home fries, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, French toast (including an "Italian" French toast), and Belgian waffles are all decent here. The aforementioned pork chops with fried vinegar peppers and pasta might just be the signature dish here, as it is delicious; the chops are soaked in balsamic vinegar, and the peppers are slightly browned, giving them a terrific taste. The pasta that comes with it is icing on the cake, as it comes with an marvelous red sauce that would not be out of place in some of the better Southern Italian restaurants in the North End.

The Venetian Restaurant is a bit off the beaten path, away from Routes 3A, 53, and 18 in Weymouth, but locals definitely know about it, as it is often hopping--especially on weekends. For those who live on the South Shore, it may be worth a trip to join many others who makes Saturday night the "Venetian night" for them and their families.