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Warren's Place

27 Pleasant Street, Weymouth, MA 02190
(781) 331-7575 Find location!

Photo of Warren's Place, Weymouth, MA It has been mentioned here before that some of the most "hidden" restaurants and bars in the Greater Boston area aren't literally hidden, but simply don't look like the types of places that are worth going to. And in some cases--especially with the drinking spots--this can come from the fact that they look rather sketchy or even downright dangerous. Looks can be deceiving, however, and this is certainly the case with Warren's Place, a somewhat grim-looking establishment located behind a shopping center in South Weymouth that is certainly a little friendlier than it looks. And yes, it is a bit of a dive bar and it is on the South Shore, which can mean only one thing--bar pizza.

Warren's Place is actually pretty well-hidden even though it is near the intersection of two main roads, in part because it is wedged between the Pleasant Street/Route 18 intersection and a fairly large shopping center and it looks more like a house than a business from a distance. The outside of the place is classic dive bar, with dented metal siding, no real windows to speak of, a dimly-lit sign off to the side, and neon beer signs out front all giving it a rather sinister look. The interior of Warren's is more welcoming, though, with its one large room having a somewhat lively, dynamic feel and the dining area off to the right being much larger than the bar area to the left. Booths, high-top tables, and regular tables are scattered throughout the dining section, including tables that can be set up for large groups. The music played here (that is, when big games aren't being shown) does remind patrons that this is indeed an old-fashioned watering hole, with plenty of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC cranking through the speakers. Unlike some dive bars, Warren's has table service, with waitresses calling people "honey" and "sweetie" or by their actual names, since this is indeed a place full of repeat customers.

Some say that dive bars should not have food--or little more than bar bites--but this is not always true, and in the case of Warren's, there are actually lots of choices here. Soups, salads, wings (the breaded type, just to warn the purists in advance), burgers, steak tips, baked haddock, chicken parmigiana, and lots more items are found on the menu, but for many if not most, it is all about the bar pizza here. Its website claims that the place has "The Best Bar-Style Pizza Anywhere," and while this is a pretty bold statement--and perhaps not quite accurate with spots such as the Lynwood Cafe in Randolph and the Venus Cafe in Whitman nearby--the pies here are definitely something special, and about as close to classic bar pizza as you will find. A crackerlike yet slightly spongy crust, spicy tomato sauce, toppings such as pepperoni and mushrooms, and a greasy mix of cheeses that extend to the edge of the crust all help make these pies well above average in taste and quality (and yes, there are more than a few subpar bar pizzas out there). Being that this is a dive, don't expect fancy drinks here, but if you like cheap beer and basic cocktails, Warren't has both for sure.

It may not look like the most welcoming place in the world from the outside, but Warren's Place is actually a nice little spot that is closer to a friendly neighborhood joint than a true dive bar. And if you like bar pizza, the pies served here are right up there with some of the better ones on the South Shore, with the added bonus of having less of a wait on traditionally busy nights than some of the big names for bar pies because it flies so deeply under the radar. If you like completely obscure spots that give you that certain sense of discovery when you first walk in, Warren's should definitely be on your short list.