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Boston Restaurant Blog -- November, 2012

Below are blog entries from November, 2012. Use the links in the left column to do a quick search of blog entries, or to see blog entries from other months. And feel free to use the "Comments" links under each blog entry to reply to us; your comments just might end up in our Boston restaurant blog! (Note: This page is part of our restaurant features section.)

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November, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012
The Food Chats Are Back--and Soon, a National Discussion

After a bit of a break, I got back to hosting food discussions last month, and we're now set for more chats later this year and into 2013. As usual, the last discussion featured a panel of food writers and media folks based in the Boston area, and those panels will continue to be a part of our chats over the coming months. But December will see a different kind of discussion, focusing not only on a topic that we don't usually cover, but also having a panel that reaches far beyond the immediate area (though there will likely be some local folks participating as well).

So who will be on next month's panel? It will mainly consist of chefs, cooks, food writers, and food photographers from around the country, with an emphasis on those who are members of The Daily Meal's Culinary Content Network (of which I'm a part). The group includes a few folks from the Boston area, so expect a bit of a local flavor as well--and I'll also be getting in touch with some others from Beantown for the panel. And as for the topic itself, well, for once we won't be focusing on restaurants and other eating and drinking spots in the region; instead, we'll talk about all things cooking, including recipes, equipment, techniques, and more. As always, the discussion will not be limited to just the panel, so if you have any questions, ideas, thoughts, etc., you are more than welcome to join in.

I'll fill you in as soon as possible on when exactly the chat will take place (and who will be participating). By the way, if you would like to check out all of our previous discussions, they can be found below:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Our New Instagram Web Profile Page

This spring, the Boston's Hidden Restaurants site joined the Instagram craze, posting photos of food and restaurants (along with some other pictures along the way) via the iPhone. (See earlier blog entry: Some Info on Instagram) And while Instagram has been a great tool for instantly sharing pictures with other Instagram users, up until now it has been frustrating trying to access the photos online via a laptop or desktop because, well, Instagram wasn't originally designed to be on the Web. Well, all that has changed now, with the company rolling out profile pages that anyone can see online.

The new profile pages from Instagram are relatively simple and easy to scroll through (much like the smartphone version of Instagram). If you look at our Instagram page, which can be accessed at, you see some sample photos at the top (with larger pictures presumably being some of the more popular ones), a brief description of the page just below the samples, and a chronological display of photo thumbnails below that, with larger versions being accessed by clicking the thumbnails. As you scroll down the page, you can look at earlier pictures by clicking "Load More." And if you want to change the display into more of a slideshow format, click one of the pictures and look for the arrows at the bottom which will allow you to navigate through the photos one at a time. Finally, if you are an Instagram member, you can comment on pictures and/or "like" them from your laptop or desktop.

This next step from Instagram seemed inevitable, as the lack of an actual website from them rendered it pretty much useless to those who don't have smartphones but wanted to see Instagram photos from friends, family, and others. It seems that this will bring even more popularity to Instagram, based on the incredible popularity of Pinterest, another social media site that focuses on visual images.

Friday, November 16, 2012
And Now...a Facebook Pages Feed

Last month I wrote about how Facebook was apparently making changes to their site which caused business pages to be less visible than in the past, giving suggestions in the two articles on how to be able to find posts. (See How to Find Our Facebook Posts (and How to Help Us As Well) and How to Get Access to Facebook Posts via Interest Lists.) And now, Facebook has come up with a way to make it at least a bit easier to see pages that you follow. The new feature? Something called a Facebook pages feed.

Finding the link to the Facebook pages feed is extremely simple; if you are on a laptop or desktop, go to your Facebook wall by clicking the Facebook logo in the upper left corner of the page. Now look down the left column--you should see categories that include Favorites, Ads, Pages, Groups, and so on. In the Pages category, you should see a link that is titled "Pages Feed." Click that, and you'll be able to see a feed of pages that you follow. If you don't see it (or you are on a smartphone), the actual link is at

Well, that's about it. Pretty easy, isn't it? By the way, if you are looking for our Facebook page, it is at the following link: Boston's Hidden Restaurants Facebook page. Hope to see you over there!

Thanks to Drew Starr for bringing this to our attention.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Twelve Interesting Restaurant Interiors

photo of the Dudley Chateau in Wayland, MABack in March, a photo slideshow on outdoor dining was posted to the Boston's Hidden Restaurants site. And now that the days are getting colder, it seems like a good time to focus on indoor dining, with an emphasis on interesting (and at times unusual) interiors. Included in this brand new slideshow are twelve such restaurant interiors, with several little-known dining spots shown along with one or two better-known places (Doyle's in JP comes to mind), and with the focus being mainly on eateries in the Boston area and Eastern Massachusetts, though we go a little beyond the immediate area toward the end of the slideshow.

And now.....on to the latest slideshow.

Slideshow of Twelve Interesting Restaurant Interiors

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