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Boston Restaurant Blog -- April, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Couple of Dinners at the Farragut House, South Boston

Have you ever been to a place that you wanted to like so badly, only to have it not quite live up to your expectations? Well, that is the way I feel about the Farragut House in South Boston, a little neighborhood spot on a side street in South Boston that I have heard much about over the years, but had never been to until recently. We actually hit the place a couple of times over the past few weeks, and both times I walked away satisfied with the cozy atmosphere and "hidden" feel of the place, but just a tad disappointed in the food.

photo of the Farragut House, South Boston, MA The Farragut House is located in a primarily residential neighborhood of South Boston, just a stone's throw from Day Boulevard and the ocean (and within walking distance of Castle Island). The inside of the restaurant feels like a mix of an Irish pub and a family-style American restaurant, with booths along the edges, a wraparound bar in the middle, old fashioned ceiling lights and low hanging lights, and lots (and I do mean LOTS!) of memorabilia on the walls, including all kinds of posters and pictures. Toward the back of dining area is a little nook with a fireplace, and the table facing the fireplace is undoubtedly highly sought after on those cold winter nights.

On our first trip to the Farragut House, we started with a basic chili with tri-colored tortilla chips and a tasty clam chowder that was neither too thick nor too thin and had a lot of clams. The chicken curry was just ok, with a rather thick and gloppy curry sauce overwhelming the chicken. The crab cake sandwich was better, with lots of sweet-tasting meat and very little filler, while the steak fries that came with it were crisp and nicely seasoned. On our second trip to the restaurant, we tried a grilled burger that was juicy and nicely cooked (though this time around, the fries were limp and undercooked), and a steak tip salad with tender meat that had a very mild--almost tasteless--marinade. We had a variety of beers on our two trips to the Farragut House, with the Guinness being poured perfectly and the pints of Kilkenny being particularly refreshing. Service was friendly and efficient throughout, and prices were pretty much in line with a dining spot such as this.

I like the atmosphere of the Farragut House enough to justify heading back there again--perhaps to try the Sunday brunch--but if you are looking to go somewhere mainly for the food, I'm not sure this would be the place, based on what we had on our two trips there. While it's certainly hidden, I won't go so far as to call it a gem, but it is a decent local spot that is surely a good alternative to the mostly sub-par family-style chains that are out there.

For those who want the address for the Farragut House, here it is: Farragut House, 149 P Street, South Boston, MA 02127. The phone number is (617) 268-6348.

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Joe said:
The Farragut House was precious for its entertainment on Fri-Sun, particularly Mike and Joe (accordion and guitar). The best that ever was.
Posted on 4/12/13

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