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Fifteen Outdoor Dining Areas In the Greater Boston Area and Beyond

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A look at some outdoor dining options in the region, including a few roadtrip-worthy spots.

photo of Waterfall Bar and Grille, Canton, MASo far, a list of 10 outdoor dining areas in or near the Boston area and a list of 12 more outdoor dining areas in the Boston area and beyond have been posted here, and now it's time for "Part 3," this time looking at 15 outdoor dining areas in the Greater Boston area and elsewhere in New England. Included here are patios at upscale eateries, outdoor sections at cheap eats spots, and more, with the focus being mainly on lesser-known places. And because it's warming up and people tend to be traveling a bit more, the last part of the list looks at one spot from each New England state. [Note: Call the restaurants in advance to confirm that the patios are open, and check self-quarantine guidelines before crossing state lines.]

The link below will take you to the latest list.

Fifteen More Outdoor Dining Areas

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