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Thursday, January 12, 2017 (updated )

Fifteen More Pizzas in the Boston Area

photo of meatball pizza from Brewer's Fork, Charlestown, MAOver the past several years, three lists of pizzas to try in the Boston area (and sometimes beyond) have been posted here, including the last one, which featured twelve pizzas in the Boston area and beyond was posted here. Now a "Part 4" has gone up onto the site, showing 15 pizzas from places in and around the city, with a mix of thin-crust pies, bar pizza, Sicilian slices, and gourmet/eclectic pizzas being included. And as always, most of the ones shown here tend to be from little-known spots, including some real hidden gems.

And now, on to "Part 4" of the pizza slideshow.

Fifteen More Pizzas in the Boston Area

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