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Fifteen New England Restaurants and Bars in Scenic Locations

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A look at some roadtrip-worthy spots to check out in New England.

photo of River Falls, Woonsocket, RIOver the past several years, a couple of lists of scenic restaurants in the region have been posted here, including a list of ten New England restaurants in scenic locations and a list of twelve more New England restaurants in scenic locations, and now a "Part 3" has been posted. The restaurants and bars shown in this list tend to be lesser-known spots, and this time around, the focus is a bit more on places by the water, be it ocean, lakes, or rivers. The first few are within an hour of the Boston area, while the next several are an hour or two away, and the last few are two to three hours away but still doable as part of a day trip.

Go to the link below to see the list:

15 Restaurants and Bars in Scenic Locations

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