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Five Top Places to Go for Bar Pizza

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Where to head south of the city for classic bar pies.

photo of ghost chili pizza from Poopsie's, Pembroke, MAWhen it comes to regional foods, it seems like there are constant debates as to which is the best of the best, and the topic of bar pizza is no exception. Generally a South Shore and southern suburbs phenomenon, bar pies can be found in bars (of course) but also in a variety of restaurants as well, with some of the best-known places being around for a long, long time now. So which spots should you be going to? Well, there are plenty of good ones out there, but these five below (in no particular order) are often mentioned as being at or near the top of the heap.

1) Lynwood Cafe, Randolph
No bar pizza list can be considered complete without mentioning this legendary watering hole that's hidden away in a mostly residential area. The Lynwood has been making bar pies for a long time now, and after all these years it is still tough to come up with a better place for them. One highlight here is a baked bean pizza which is a truly regional food item, and if you are into burnt (or laced) edges where the outer edge is caramelized, the Lynwood does that better than nearly anyone.

2) Poopsie's, Pembroke
Located in a nondescript little strip mall just off of Route 3, this well-worn restaurant and bar looks like the kind of place you might go to for a burger or a plate of wings before shopping or going back to work, but Poopsie's is considered by some to have the best bar pizza in the entire region. Made in the classic bar pie style much like the Lynwood Cafe, the individual pizzas here are usually gone in a flash and it isn't unheard of to eat two of these pies since (like most bar pizzas) they are relatively small.

3) Venus Cafe, Whitman
A dining and drinking establishment that is definitely off the beaten path, the Venus is almost exclusively a local hangout and one that is far away from any highway so travelers don't just happen to stumble upon it like with Poopsie's. The menu here is pretty limited but it really is all about the bar pizza, with one of the best options being to order one of the several "specials," each of which includes multiple toppings. The pepperoni pizza is also worth getting in part for its huge slices of pepperoni on top.

4) Home Cafe, Brockton
While perhaps not a place to go on a first date (unless your date is a huge fan of dive bars), this neighborhood joint in the northern section of the city is not even close to being a household name and from the looks of it from the outside, maybe not a place to get any food at all. But the Home Cafe's bar pizza rivals nearly all of the top places south of Boston, with some locals considering it to be the best of them all. Burnt edges are big here and they do it perfectly, with the sweetness of the caramelized cheese and sauce being something special.

5) Hoey's at Amvets Post No 51, Randolph
Bar pizza can turn up in some pretty unusual places, and few are more unusual than this pizza window which is located near the entrance to an AMVETS post at the end of a side street in a residential area. Hoey's is a beloved spot for a number of reasons, as the people behind the counter are friendly, the big old house-like structure has lots of old-school charm, and to some, the pizza reaches the heights of the nearby Lynwood Cafe. For a truly fascinating bar pizza experience, it is tough to beat this one.

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