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Thursday, October 20, 2011 (updated )

Five Great Macaroni and Cheese Dishes in the Boston Area

photo of macaroni and cheese from The Publick House, Brookline, MAContinuing our photo slideshow series, we now have a slideshow featuring another favorite food item, namely macaroni and cheese. This latest slideshow (which is our fifth since beginning these in August) looks at five of the best mac and cheese dishes we have tried in the Boston area, and while it was difficult to narrow it down to only five, the ones here do tend to stand out a bit over the others. Photos include a lobster macaroni and cheese from a restaurant in Quincy, a plate of mac and cheese with truffle cream from a beer bar in Brookline, and three others.

More slideshows will be coming up soon, so check back using the "slideshows" tag below over the coming weeks and months. And if you have a suggestion for a slideshow, please let us know, thanks!

Here is the slideshow, featuring five great mac and cheese dishes from around the area.

Five Great Mac and Cheese Dishes in the Boston Area

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Silas Kain said:
As far as I'm concerned the place for the BEST Mac & Cheese in MetroWest is East Side Wings & Grille on Mt Auburn Street in Watertown. It's home made and kids love it.
Posted on 10/20/11
Kelsey said:
My favorite is from Olde Magoun's Saloon in Somerville
Posted on 10/20/11
rrp said:
Fat Cat in Quincy serves amazing mac and cheeze!
Posted on 10/20/11

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