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Boston Restaurant Blog -- July, 2006

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Decent Meal at The Lobster Tale, Brant Rock (Marshsfield), MA

We decided to head down Route 3A on Saturday evening to see what kind of seafood restaurant we could find. After driving through Hingham, Cohasset, and Scituate, we ended up in the Brant Rock section of Marshfield. Brant Rock is an historic little village with beautiful views of the ocean, and several dining spots. After debating whether we should try the Fairview Inn, which looked like an intriguing spot, we opted for The Lobster Tale right in the heart of Brant Rock.

photo of The Lobster Tale, Brant Rock (Marshfield), Massachusetts The Lobster Tale felt like a comfortable place that catered mostly to locals, including many retirees. They even have a senior section on the menu! Service was friendly, the noise level wasn't bad, and the wicker chairs were comfortable. We ordered a few dishes, including fried calamari, broiled scallops, and a turkey dinner. The calamari was about the best I've had in the Boston area; tender, fresh, and delicious, with a great marinara sauce for dipping. The scallops were not as good, as they were mushy and a bit undercooked. And the turkey dinner was very good, though obviously not their specialty (this IS a seafood restaurant, after all).

I really wanted to like The Lobster Tale, as it seems like the perfect find: A comfortable old seafood restaurant in the middle of a quiet coastal village off the beaten path. Unfortunately, The Lobster Tale isn't quite there as far as being featured on Boston's Hidden Restaurants. We may try it again at some point, ordering other dishes to see if perhaps it comes a bit closer to some of the better seafood restaurants in the Boston area, such as the Village Restaurant in Essex, or Brown's in Seabrook, NH. For now, though, we see The Lobster Tale as a pretty decent restaurant that is worth checking out if you're in the Marshfield area, and one that you must try if you like calamari.

If you want the address for The Lobster Tale, here it is: The Lobster Tale, 278 Ocean Street, Brant Rock (Marshfield), MA; the phone number is (781) 834-3333

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K.L. said:
Way too pricey, small portions, poor quality.
Posted on 4/22/08
K.W. said:
The salmon is great and you can't find sweet potato fries like theirs anywhere. A table near the windows (on the porch) is the best for a quieter dining experience.
Posted on 4/27/08
SLS said:
The food is great, it is a good place to take the family. The staff is wonderful.
Posted on 10/20/08
lb said:
The thick sword I had a few weeks ago was the best I have had in years, and was perfectly cooked. They also had a great guitar player for some free entertainment after dinner.
Posted on 12/31/08
scfp said:
They have great specials during the week, 5-10 options for only $8.88.
Posted on 2/2/09
ra said:
Posted on 10/15/09
J. Patrick said:
We have been coming out from Colorado for several years for weekends, just to enjoy the great seafood on the coast. Several years ago we discovered the Lobster Tail in Brant Rock, MA. This is our number one destination now when we head East for seafood. It not only rivals the much more expensive Boston choices, the location right on the water makes it really special to us. I don't really understand the details of your choices, but obviously you didn't try either the Clam chowder or the Lobster Bisque. I have not had better anywhere in the Boston area! Put this little place on your "hidden" list and go back and try these two. Maybe it's your city attitude, but if you don't steer people to this place, I can't give any of your other recommendations any credibility.
Posted on 10/19/09
MH said:
J. Patrick, we can't try the Lobster Tale again because it has been shut down (see the post above yours). Also, we definitely don't have a city attitude (I'm not even from the city), as one of our favorite places, which is featured on the site, is literally across the street from where the Lobster Tale used to be (Haddad's Ocean Cafe). If you return to the area, it might be worth giving Haddad's a shot, especially now that the Lobster Tale is closed.
Posted on 10/20/09
Peter said:
The place is now closed a new resturant An Irish pub now
Posted on 3/28/12

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