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Boston Restaurant Blog -- April, 2005

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Outdoor Dining in Boston

Spring in Boston...there aren't many more beautiful places to be than in Beantown this time of year (although the recent rains have tested my patience a bit). And with spring comes outdoor dining. There are a good number of restaurants in Boston where you can eat outdoors, but, as with anyone, I have my favorites, and the list isn't all that long.

photo of Eastern Pier II, Boston, MA There is a Chinese restaurant on the waterfront in the Seaport District that is excellent, little-known, and has an outdoor deck right on the harbor. Indeed, Eastern Pier II is one of those places that is perfect on a hot summer day, as there is bound to be a sea breeze here at almost any given time. Another nice spot, The Barnacle in Marblehead, is a terrific seafood restaurant to go to, but because the patio is literally on top of the Atlantic Ocean, save it for a warm day. Then there is this little seafood shack on the Gloucester/Rockport line near Halibut Point. The name escapes me (actually, does it even HAVE a name?), but what a place to eat clams and watch the sun set over the water.

There are other outdoor spots that I used to go to more often, but I've outgrown them, I believe. Tia's at the Long Wharf in Boston is a fun place, but too much attitude among the people who go there. Union Street in Newton Centre has a great outdoor deck, but most people there are around college age, and it can get really loud.

What a beautiful day it is today...I can't wait for the first outdoor dining experience this season. Of course, my first choice would be to go to the greatest outdoor dining spot in the city--Fenway Park--but it's just a little too tough to get tickets to the Red Sox this year. Oh well, perhaps I can have a bbq on my back deck, tune into the Sox on the TV, and pretend I'm at Fenway. BTW, Opening Day for the Red Sox is tomorrow...another sure sign that spring is here!

Here's hoping this weather continues, and everything starts blooming soon. Who knows--perhaps I'll be having some fresh seafood in Marblehead by next weekend. Anything will be better than sitting inside, waiting out another 3-inch rainstorm. A few more of those, and perhaps I'll be dining outdoors in a few weeks--while looking at the real estate section of a Southern California newspaper! Hmmm, I wonder if the URL is taken...

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MH said:
Sad to say that Eastern Pier has closed its doors. This was one of my regular haunts, so I'm not too happy about this, to say the least.
Posted on 9/5/08

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