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Boston Restaurant Blog -- January, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Outstanding Bagels at Rosenfeld's, Newton

It has often been said that there are no good bagel places in the Boston area. And while I am a fan of the bagels at Kupel's in Brookline, Iggy's in Cambridge, Bagel Rising in Allston, and, in the past, the now-closed Zeppy's in Randolph, I can't really say that I have ever had a Boston-area bagel that has matched what I have found in New York City. That is, until now; after finally getting to Rosenfeld's Bagels in Newton Centre, it is safe to say that I no longer have to drive 200 miles to get my true bagel fix anymore.

photo of Rosenfeld's Bagels, Newton, MA Rosenfeld's isn't all that difficult to find, but unless you know where it is, you may never know that it actually exists. It is technically located on Centre Street, but it is back (and down) from the road in the lower level of the Piccadilly Square building near where Centre Street and Union Street meet. The shop is tiny, with very little room to maneuver, and even if there are only five or six people in Rosenfeld's, it can get a bit claustrophobic. (Needless to say, this is a place where you get your bagels and get out as quickly as you can.)

When we went to Rosenfeld's about a week and a half ago, it was just crowded enough to be aggravating, especially since not all of the people ordering bagels were polite. But we mostly overlooked that, knowing we would only be in there for a couple of minutes. We ordered about 20 bagels total, including a couple to eat in the car. My poppy seed bagel was exquisite, with a crisp exterior and a soft, chewy interior, and while I did have mine toasted with butter on it (both acts considered a cardinal sin by some bagel purists), this bagel was so good that it could have easily been eaten untoasted with no butter or cream cheese on it.

Over the next couple of days, I tried some of the bagels I had gotten at Rosenfeld's that day, including pumpernickel (very tasty) and plain (good, though obviously not as flavorful as the others). They definitely would have tasted better had I eaten them fresh, because with well-made bagels such as these, they do tend to go downhill pretty quickly.

I am glad that I finally got over to Rosenfeld's. But I am definitely kicking myself for not having gone there until now, since I believe that they probably have the best bagels in the Boston area.

If you would like the address for Rosenfeld's, here it is: Rosenfeld's Bagels, 1280 Centre Street, Newton, MA, 02459. Phone: (617) 527-8080.

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NG said:
What about Katz Bagels in Chelsea?
Posted on 1/21/09
MH said:
I have yet to get to Katz's, but I have heard some very good things about their bagels. If I can ever get there when they are open, maybe I can do a comparison test between them and Rosenfeld's.
Posted on 1/21/09
SB said:
These are the best bagels in Boston, hands down (for people who define good by the NYC H&H standard!). Their sesame bagels are unbelievable. As an occasional indulgence bring them home with a tub of smoked whitefish salad, and prepare to bite into something that may even eclipse a poppyseed bagel with lox. Their egg poppy is the perfect blend of the 2 flavors. And they make a sunflower bagel (with seeds and cornmeal coating) that, to my mind, when either eaten warm and whole or smeared with honey walnut cream cheese, may be getting close to bagel nirvana. Oh--try their challah, too!!
Posted on 10/3/09
lf said:
You forgot to mention that they are only open Wed, Thurs and Friday!?!? What's up with that?
Posted on 10/27/09

PG said:
Rosenfeld's?? No way... I grew up in New York and say the best bagels in the Boston area by far are at Bagel World in Reading, Peabody and Salem!
Posted on 2/9/10

jqm said:
As a Chelsea native my vote goes to Katz Bagels - small corner shop opened it always seemed in the middle of the night and the smells to die for - they have been making bagels since so far back in the day that they really were an exotic and unusual food.
Posted on 2/9/10

EILEEN and JOE said:
It doesn't get better than Rosenfelds....and the people!!! How can they be so happy and awake at 7am??? I'm talking about the employees. They start the day off with good food and a smile.
Posted on 4/3/10

EILEEN and JOE said:
anybody have a list of bagel flavors & cr chez' they have at 'rosenfelds'? thank you...usually get what we see, but can't see everything with the crowds there..even at 7am!
Posted on 11/28/10

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