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Restaurant Takeout Mini-Review: Taso's Euro Cafe in Norwood

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Old-Fashioned Greek Comfort Food by a Little Airport.

photo of moussaka  from Taso's Euro Cafe in Norwood, MAThe restaurant shutdown continues and it has now been extended to May 4, so we're basically in it for the long haul now, with restaurants only allowed to offer takeout and/or delivery for another month. Because of the restrictions, some dining spot have simply shut down while others have either decided to give takeout/delivery a go for the first time or, in many cases, continue to offer it as they did before the coronavirus outbreak. A Norwood eatery that we've been to many times (and reviewed on this site) is somewhere in between the latter two, whereas it's really more of a full-service restaurant but it is also very familiar with to-go food, as it is hidden away by an airport and is also next to a large residential area, which makes it pretty popular for takeout. And while we have only dined in at this friendly little spot, that is of course no longer available so this was the first time doing takeout at Taso's, and things went pretty smoothly overall.

photo of baklava cheesecake from Taso's Euro Cafe in Norwood, MAFor those who have never been, Taso's is in an unlikely location and very easy to miss, though it's pretty easy to find as it is basically between Route 1 and Route 95 and just south of Route 128. The space includes two dining sections but it also has a takeout window which comes in very handy right now, and that is indeed where we picked up our food after calling it in earlier. We tried an array of dishes including stuffed grape leaves, Greek salads, moussaka, pastitsio, baklava, and--wait for it--baklava cheesecake, and the food was as good as we remember, though the moussaka and pastitsio didn't travel all that well mainly because of the bechamel sauce on top of each, but still, both were delicious. Perhaps the best items of the night were the traditional baklava which was soaked with honey and the baklava cheesecake which was a first for all of us and which was both sinful and tremendous. The bill was a tad on the high side for takeout in part because it was for several people, but again, Taso's is more of a sit-down place than a takeout spot, so the price wasn't really an issue considering how good the food was--and as was the case with earlier takeout meals reviewed here, these are generally not your typical quick-service takeout dinners.

Taso's Euro Cafe is the type of hidden gem that is what this website is all about, and it's nice to see that the restaurant is still open for business through the coronavirus crisis. It'll undoubtedly be a tough go of it for Taso's and other Boston-area restaurants now that the planned end date of restaurant restrictions has been pushed back even more, but hopefully we'll be joining others in the dining room at this special spot once again sooner rather than later.

The address for Taso's Euro Cafe is 125 Access Road, Norwood, MA. The phone number is (781) 278-0001.

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