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Boston Restaurant Blog -- July, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Visit to Teriyaki House in South Boston

We have been going to a lot of sushi bars over the past several months, including some truly excellent ones (Toraya in Arlington, Sato in Waltham, Village Sushi in Roslindale, etc.). Some of the places have been rather expensive, but when it comes to sushi, it is definitely worth paying a bit extra to make sure the food is well-made and fresh. Proof of this was a recent trip we took to South Boston, where we ate at a Japanese and Chinese eatery on W Broadway called Teriyaki House. While it wasn't bad, the standards didn't seem to match those of Toraya and the like, and this extended to the non-sushi items as well. There were some pluses, however, which will be touched upon momentarily.

photo of Teriyaki House, South Boston, MA Teriyaki House (which has another spot on Boylston Street along the western edge of the Back Bay) is located in a bustling part of South Boston near the Broadway T stop and just east of the Broadway Bridge that leads into Boston proper. It is one of several restaurants in this section of Southie, and one that seems particularly popular for takeout. When we were there, it seemed that nearly all of its business was from folks picking up their dinner and bringing it home or to the office, which makes sense because this is a tiny spot with only three tables inside (and the tables are rather long, which makes them geared toward communal dining). It is a pretty loud spot and the lack of carpeting doesn't help, furthering the case for takeout rather than dining in. The sushi bar and open kitchen to the right is a busy spot, with a number of workers making everything from sushi to teriyaki dishes to rice and noodle plates and much more.

We tried a variety of items at the Teriyaki House, running the gamut from Japanese to Chinese to Korean. In the latter category, the kimchi was fiery hot but also too watery, with a virtual puddle of liquid at the bottom of the bowl. Chinese fare was limited to a decent house fried rice that seemed fresh and wasn't browned, dried out, or gloppy, though it was just a tad bland and perhaps could have used more garlic or onions. The very large portion of chicken teriyaki had a lot of gristle with the meat, and the rice seemed to be overcooked while the sauce wasn't all that zesty or sharp-tasting, making this dish that was tough to finish. As for the sushi, much of it was on the sloppy side, with the spicy sauce literally oozing out of the salmon, and both the tuna and the avocado maki were loosely packed, not holding together very well. Drinks were outstanding, however, with both the peach bubble tea and the mango smoothie being perfect for a hot summer evening. Prices were quite cheap overall, and service was friendly and always on hand if we needed something.

Our dining experience at Teriyaki House in South Boston wasn't a very memorable one, with the place feeling perhaps like a step up from some of the Chinese and Japanese restaurants that you might find in a mall food court, though not a really big step up. Maybe it is indeed best for quick and cheap takeout, unlike dining in for a full dinner as we did, but I'm not sure I'll be heading back here anytime soon, unless for a quick, simple meal to bring over to nearby Castle Island on a nice evening.

For those who want the address for Teriyaki House, here it is: Teriyaki House, 32 W Broadway, South Boston, MA, 02127. The phone number is (617) 269-2000.

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