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Boston's Hidden Restaurants is more than just a Boston restaurant guide that reviews little-known dining spots; it also has a number of sections and pages that cover a wide variety of related restaurant topics. These features are grouped into several sections; to jump to a particular section, use the links below.
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Boston Restaurant Blog
The creator of Boston's Hidden Restaurants writes about the Boston and New England restaurant scene, including reviews of restaurants, food trips across the region (and beyond), site updates, and more in a blog within our Boston restaurant guide. The blog, which started about a year after the start of the site, includes a number of older entries, including those that can be found in the archives.
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Boston and New England Restaurants We Haven't Reviewed Yet
Let's face it; as much as we at Boston's Hidden Restaurants would like to try every little-known restaurant in Boston and New England, we don't have the time, money, or diet plan to be able to do it. There are lots of restaurants in the region that we think would be good fits in this site, however, so we have created a section of the site that gives information on top hidden restaurants that we haven't reviewed yet. This section is broken down by state, including Connecticut restaurants, Maine restaurants, Massachusetts restaurants, New Hampshire restaurants, Rhode Island restaurants, and Vermont restaurants,
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Questions and Answers About Boston and New England Restaurants
Yes, we used to have a forum, but it was a bit clunky (and only viewers could post and reply to it), so we have decided to create a questions and answers section on the site where anyone can post new questions (or reply to existing ones) that deal with the Boston and New England restaurant scene. Sections include hidden restaurants of Boston and New England, Boston restaurants (general topics), New England restaurants (general topics), miscellaneous topics, and favorite restaurants in specific New England cities and towns. Check out this fun and popular feature, and please don't hesitate to ask some questions of your own!
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Readers' Restaurant Posts
Now it is your turn to tell US about some great restaurants (not not-so-great restaurants!) that you have been to. We usually update this one on a weekly basis, so keep checking back.
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Bakeries and Pastry Shops in the Boston Area
Where do Bostonians go for fresh baked goods and desserts such as bread, bagels, cookies, donuts, cakes, and pies? Go to our special features on bakeries and pastries in the Boston area to find out!

Boston Red Sox Restaurant List
This page gives a list of restaurants near Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox.

Gillette Stadium Restaurant List
This page gives a list of restaurants near Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots.

Coffee Shops in the Boston Area
This page gives a list of coffee shops in the Boston area.

Restaurants with Fireplaces in the Boston Area
This page gives a list of restaurants with fireplaces in the Boston area.

Boston-Area Ice Cream Stands
This page lists various ice cream stands in the Greater Boston area.

Irish Pubs in the Greater Boston Area
This page gives a list of Irish pubs in the Boston area.

Jewish Restaurants/Bakeries in the Greater Boston Area
This page gives a list of Jewish restaurants and bakeries in the Boston area.

Best Hidden Restaurants of Boston, 2018
There are some truly great little-known restaurants in the Boston area, but which ones are better than the others? Check out our Best Boston Restaurants of 2016 page to discover these special restaurants. Also, read about our picks for 2017 on the Best Hidden Restaurants of Boston, 2017 page as well as pages from previous years.

Online Food and Restaurant Discussions
Every now and then, Boston's Hidden Restaurants hosts a live online food/restaurant discussion, with food writers and bloggers, media people, chefs, and others being part of the panels, and our viewers can participate in the discussions as well. In addition to the actual chat "windows" from each discussion, we also have transcripts of each talk.

Boston Restaurant Closings, Openings
Restaurants come and go at a rapid pace, so Boston's Hidden Restaurants has added a section that lists many of the restaurants that have closed down, as well as others that have newly opened. This feature also has an RSS feed that allows viewers to get automatic updates whenever a restaurant opens or closes.

Glossary of Food and Restaurant Terms
Do you know what "bulgogi" is? How about "bubble and squeak"? Ok, how about an easy one: "Bar Pizza." Don't know that one, either? You might want to look at our glossary of food and restaurant terms, which explains these, and other, often-confusing words and terms.

4 Must-Try Halal Restaurants in Boston
Have you ever had Halal food? Check out these picks from a guest writer for 4 must-try Halal restaurants in Boston!

5 Best Italian Restaurants Not in the North End
Everyone knows the North End is home to some of the best Italian cuisine in the city. In the mood to venture elsewhere? Try picks from a guest writer for the 5 best Italian restaurants that just so happen to be out of the North End!

Boston Restaurant Newsletter
Looking for more information on the Boston's Hidden Restaurants site, as well as the Boston and New England restaurant scene in general? Check out our Boston restaurant newsletter, which has a volume every quarter.

Visitor Information for Boston
Are you in Boston on vacation or for business? Or perhaps you are planning a trip to Boston in the near future? This page includes information on the Boston area, including brief summaries of interesting Boston neighborhoods and cities and towns in the Greater Boston area (including restaurants).

Resources and Utilities for Webmasters
NEW! All of the pages on Boston's Hidden Restaurants have been built from scratch, and we are constantly keeping up to date on the latest standards, technologies, etc. concerning Web site creation. Now we are hoping to help others with their Web sites by offering some resources and utilities that may be of help to webmasters, Web designers, and anyone else involved with the world of the Internet.
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