-- Boston's Hidden Restaurants --
Volume 1, Winter, 2006

Our Very First Newsletter!

Welcome to the brand new restaurant newsletter of Boston's Hidden Restaurants! We will be covering a variety of topics related to the Boston restaurant scene in our newsletters, including listing some of our latest Boston restaurant reviews, discussing special feature on our site, and including various articles related to Boston restaurants. We will be publishing newsletters four times a year, so stay tuned for more restaurant newsletters in the future!

Our Latest Restaurant Reviews

Below are a few restaurants that we have checked out recently...

Galleria Umberto, Boston, MA
a fantastic Sicilian pizza place that rivals Santarpio's in East Boston and Pizzeria Regina in the North End for best pizza in Boston.

Cafe Porto Bello, N. Attleboro, MA
a wonderful little Italian restaurant that serves some of the freshest, most delicious pasta south of Boston.

Mexico Lindo, Melrose, MA
a cozy dining spot that also happens to be one of the best authentic Mexican restaurants in the Boston area.

Mount Vernon Restaurant, Somerville, MA
a classic old American restaurant in the shadows of Route 93 that harkens back to an earlier time.

Photo of Galleria Umberto, a pizza place in Boston's North End

Talk to Other Food Lovers!

The Boston Restaurant Forum is now up and running! Our restaurant forum has four categories, each containing a variety of topics related to the Boston and New England restaurant scene.

The forum categories include hidden Boston restaurants, general Boston restaurant discussions, general New England restaurant discussions, and other topics relating to food and dining.

The restaurant forum is open to everyone, so head over to the forum and reply to existing topics, or start a topic of your own! We look forward to seeing you there. [ED NOTE: We have taken out the link to our forum, as it is now closed.]

Where You Can Find Us:

Visit Boston's Hidden Restaurants at the address below to find information on Boston restaurants that you may not know about!


This Issue's Feature

New York Restaurants

Many Bostonians, while often unwilling to admit it, love traveling to New York City for its incredible array of shops, cultural attractions, and, yes, restaurants. Manhattan has so many dining spots, however, that it can be overwhelming deciding where to eat.

Fortunately, Boston's Hidden Restaurants has a New York Restaurants page in our Special Features section that describes some top restaurants, including an address and phone number for each. The page is broken into two sections: hidden and popular New York restaurants. So the next time you are in New York, take a copy of this page with you, and enjoy the Big Apple!

Photo of Focacceria, an Italian restaurant in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan, NY

A Question from the Editor:

What was your favorite restaurant in 2005, and why was it your favorite?

Leave your answer in our guestbook [now closed]; we will choose one answer and publish it in the spring issue of our restaurant newsletter, along with your name.