-- Boston's Hidden Restaurants --
Volume 10, Spring, 2008

Boston's Hidden Restaurants Turns Four Years Old!

Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that Boston's Hidden Restaurants began as a tiny site that focused on a few little-known restaurants. And now it has been featured on WBZ, Channel 5, and other media outlets, and it has shown up as a featured site on such favorites as AOL and Boston.com. Thanks again to our viewers for sticking with us through the past four years!

Our Latest Restaurant Reviews

Here are a few dining spots that we recently featured...

Winthrop Arms, Winthrop, MA
an absolutely unknown restaurant within a nicely restored grand old hotel on the shores of Winthrop, MA.

Pleasant Cafe, Roslindale, MA
a friendly old restaurant popular with locals that features thin-crust pizza and tasty red sauce dishes.

Taqueria El Amigo, Waltham, MA
a tiny dining spot hidden away on a side street near the Charles River that features authentic (and cheap) Mexican food.

Fasika, Somerville, MA
an offbeat place that is part mellow Ethiopian restaurant and part wild and wooly working-class bar.

Photo of the Pleasant Cafe, an Italian restaurant and pizza joint in Roslindale, MA

A Glossary Is Coming to Boston's Hidden Restaurants!

Occasionally, we will visit a dining spot that features exotic menu items that may be unfamiliar to diners. This, plus the fact that some common, everyday food and restaurant terms also cause confusion has led us to create a glossary on our site.

This glossary of food and restaurant terms will include everything from Bulgogi to Yekik Alicha to more commonly used terms such as Bar Pizza and Poutine. When these terms are used in reviews or blog pages, they will often be set up as links that will take readers to the glossary pages.

This new feature is just getting underway, but if you would like to see some of the terms we have so far, go to our glossary of food and restaurant terms to check it out!

How To Find Us:

Use this link to go to Boston's Hidden Restaurants to find information on some great little-known dining spots in the Boston area.


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This Issue's Feature

Ice Cream Stands in New England

Finally, the winter is winding down and warmer weather is on the way. And with it comes baseball, outdoor activities, and, of course, ice cream. So which ice cream stands are worth going to? Well, probably all of them, but we have narrowed the list down a bit.

Our ice cream stands page lists and describes some top spots in Boston and New England, including a couple in nearby New York. Since we last featured this site, we have added some new places, and we are always looking for more, so let us know if you have some favorites. Are you ready for ice cream? So are we--let's go get some cones!

Photo of Dairy Joy, Weston, Massachusetts

A Question from the Editor:

Who Makes the Best Lobster Roll in the Boston Area?

Tell us about Boston-area restaurants with the best lobster rolls in our questions and answers feature; we will add it to the "Replies" section of this question!