-- Boston's Hidden Restaurants --
Volume 11, Summer, 2008

Here Comes the Summer!

The summer is nearly upon us, and with it, lots of fun things to do in the Boston area, including visiting ice cream stands, dining outdoors at restaurants, loading up the car for picnics, and so much more. Boston's Hidden Restaurants wishes you an enjoyable summer season, and don't forget to take us with you wherever you go! (Our site is now set up for mobile phones and PDAs.)

Our Latest Restaurant Reviews

Here are a few dining spots that we recently featured...

All Seasons Table, Malden, MA
a stylish, attractive restaurant in downtown Malden that features a variety of Asian dishes.

Haddad's Ocean Cafe, Marshfield, MA
a classic (and well-worn) seafood joint right on the water in the Brant Rock section of Marshfield.

Avenue Grille, Dorchester, MA
a charming little restaurant near Edward Everett Square in Dorchester that serves fresh, delicious comfort food dishes.

Reef Cafe, Allston, MA
a tiny dining spot in the heart of Allston that serves outstanding Lebanese dishes at cheap prices.

Photo of Haddad's Ocean Cafe, a seafood restaurant in Marshfield, MA

Ask Us a Question (Or Give Us an Answer)!

As some of you know, Boston's Hidden Restaurants has shifted from a forum (popular, but a bit buggy) to a questions and answers section (much more stable, with no database problems). This new-ish feature allows readers to post questions (or reply to existing ones).

Many of the questions asked in this section are posted by us to spark discussion, but our readers are also posting questions, and many of the responses from our readers are helping give the rest of our audience valuable information on the Boston and New England restaurant scene.

No registration is necessary to post questions or answers, so feel free to join in on the fun! To find this feature, please go to our questions and answers section.

How To Find Us:

Go to this link on Boston's Hidden Restaurants to find information on a number of great little-known dining spots in the Boston area.


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This Issue's Feature

Unevaluated Restaurants

Over the past year, we have researched restaurants across New England, finding a number of interesting sounding (and mostly little-known) places that we have not been to yet. We have included these in our unreviewed restaurants section, a special feature of our site.

Included are restaurants that we have not yet evaluated, but that we believe to be places of interest. (Note: We have since gone to a few of these, including the Old Timer in Clinton, MA, which is shown in the photo above.) The pages are set up so our readers can review these restaurants, so please don't hesitate to tell us about your experiences at any of these dining spots.

Photo of the Old Timer Restaurant, Clinton, Massachusetts

A Question from One of Our Readers:

Where Is the Best Sunday Brunch?

Tell us about a Boston-area restaurant with the best Sunday brunch in our questions and answers feature; we will likely add it to the "Replies" section of the question!