-- Boston's Hidden Restaurants --
Volume 12, Fall, 2008

Our Site Now Has More Than 2,500 Pages!

Yes, Boston's Hidden Restaurants has grown a lot since its rather humble beginnings in early 2004. Our site now has over 2,500 pages, and that doesn't even include our news-based restaurant blog (Boston Restaurant Talk), which has another 500 pages or so. So there certainly is a lot of reading to do if you are interested in the Boston restaurant scene!

Our Latest Restaurant Reviews

Here are some dining spots that we have featured of late...

Nick's Famous Roast Beef, Beverly, MA
a plain-looking sandwich shop on a busy Beverly street that may have the best roast beef in the Boston area.

Louis' Crossing, Quincy, MA
a truly hidden gem in the Hough's Neck section of Quincy that is just a block away from the ocean.

Estoril, Fall River, MA
an outstanding Portuguese restaurant in Flint Village that has high-end ambiance and low-end prices.

Villa Mexico, Boston, MA
a Mexican dining spot that is in the most unlikely of places--the back of a gas station on Beacon Hill.

Photo of Estoril, a Portuguese restaurant in Fall River, MA

Comment on Our Blog Entries!

When we first started the Boston Restaurant Blog (a blog within this site), we left out one key component--a way for our viewers to comment on our blog entries. Well, some time ago, we added this function to all of the blog entries, and now comments seem to be coming in on a daily basis.

Since many of the blog entries are short restaurant reviews, many of our readers have been able to post their own reviews of these places, whether they be positive or negative reviews. And for blog entries that deal with our many food trips, viewers have been nice enough to give suggestions on where else to go in the given areas.

No registration is necessary to post comments, so posting comments to our blog is very easy! Please go to the Boston Restaurant Blog for more details.

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This Issue's Feature

Picnic Spots and Outdoor Dining

The founder of Boston's Hidden Restaurants is also an avid hiker, leading walks all over the Boston area. And along the way, many terrific picnic spots and outdoor snacking areas have been discovered. Some of the best of these have been listed in our new "Picnic Areas and Outdoor Lunch Spots Around Boston" page.

Included are several places that folks may know about, such as Castle Island in South Boston and Horn Pond in Woburn. But other, much lesser-known places are also mentioned, including Wenepoykin Hill in Medford and Heron Pond in Hingham. So if you are a lover of the outdoors and like to find interesting places to have a snack or picnic, feel free to check this interesting feature out!

Photo of Hull, Massachusetts

A Question from One of Our Readers:

Organic Restaurants in the Cambridge Area?

Tell us about a good Cambridge restaurant with organic food in our questions and answers feature; we will post your answer in the "Replies" section of the question.