-- Boston's Hidden Restaurants --
Volume 13, Winter, 2008/2009

Our Blog Makes the Boston Globe Magazine!

We are honored to have our Boston Restaurant Talk news blog named in The Boston Globe Magazine's December 1 issue as part of a feature on Sixty-four websites on Boston life that you should know. Our blog has really taken off over the past year, and is now one of the most popular restaurant-based blogs in New England. Again, thanks to everyone for supporting us, and we hope you have a great holiday season!

Our Latest Restaurant Reviews

Here are a few restaurants that we have recently reviewed...

Patou Thai, Belmont, MA
a quiet, unassuming Thai restaurant in Belmont Center that features a number of excellent (and authentic) dishes.

El Paisa, East Boston, MA
a little-known Colombian restaurant in the Orient Heights section of East Boston that is a meat lover's dream.

Centre Street Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA
a typically quirky Jamaica Plain dining spot that features mostly healthy and organic comfort food dishes.

Vecchia Roma, Newton, MA
an old-fashioned Italian restaurant in a working-class part of Newton that rivals some of Boston's best Italian spots.

Photo of the Centre Street Cafe, a restaurant featuring eclectic cuisine in Jamaica Plain, MA

Many More Unevaluated Restaurants Added to Our Site!

Last year, we started a new section within the Boston's Hidden Restaurants side that focuses on Unreviewed Restaurants. This special feature focuses on dining spots that we consider to be of interest, as they are mostly little known and have unique features, such as riverside dining, sweeping views, unusual cuisines, etc.

Even though we have not yet reviewed most of these restaurants, all of the places listed within this section can be reviewed by our readers. So if you have been to any of them, please feel free to tell us what you think. (Note: We recently added a star system to the included forms, making it a bit easier to see how our readers feel about these restaurants.)

How To Find Us:

Go to Boston's Hidden Restaurants at this address to find information on some of the best little-known Boston dining spots!


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This Issue's Feature

2008 Best Boston Restaurants

Our fourth annual "best Boston restaurants" page is now up and running! Our list of best restaurants features the cream of the crop as far as hidden, little-known restaurants are concerned, based on restaurants that we have hit over the past year.

This year, we have some newbies on our best Boston restaurants list as well as a few new categories, including Best Irish Pub, Best Middle Eastern Restaurant, and Best Sandwich Shop. And while there are also some first-time restaurants on our list, there are some repeat performers, including one restaurant that has made the grade four years in a row. Congratulations to all the restaurants that made our list, and here's hoping for some more great finds in 2009!

Photo of Haddad's Ocean Cafe, Marshfield, Massachusetts

A Question from the Editor:

Best Restaurants Within New England Inns?

Tell us about a great New England restaurant that is within an inn or hotel in our questions and answers feature; we will add it to the "Replies" section of this question!