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Volume 22, Spring, 2011

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Our Latest Restaurant Reviews

Here are a few dining spots that we recently featured...

Niko's Restaurant, Weymouth, MA
a friendly neighborhood eatery in Jackson Square that features both familiar and unusual breakfast dishes.

Louie's Pizza, Woburn, MA
a tiny pizza joint south of Woburn Center that serves a truly classic thin-crust pie.

Hayashi, South Easton, MA
a cozy little Japanese restaurant on Route 138 that has some of the best sushi south of Boston.

La Cascia's Bakery, Medford, MA
an old-school bakery in the close-knit South Medford neighborhood that sells pastries, breads, and Sicilian pizza.

Photo of Louie's Pizza, a pizza joint in Woburn, MA


Thanks in part to Twitter, we are now able to create "bulletin boards" within the Boston's Hidden Restaurants site that feature live, streaming content on just about any specific category. We have a few such bulletin boards up right now, including one that focuses on Boston-area restaurants.

To see what kinds of specials, deals, and events that local eateries are having, please go to the Boston-Area Restaurant Bulletin Board. We will have several more bulletin boards up soon, so stay tuned!

How To Find Us:

Use this link to go to Boston's Hidden Restaurants to find information on some great little-known dining spots in the Boston area.


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This Issue's Feature


One thing we have not had on our website up to this point is videos. But now, thanks to the wonderful how2heroes site, we have started to post instructional videos from various dining spots around the city, including little-known eateries that we have featured on the site.

If you would like to see the videos we have posted from how2heroes so far, please go to videos link above, and enjoy the show!

Photo of a dosa from the Dosa Factory, a Cambridge restaurant that has an instructional video within our site (via how2heroes).

A Question from the Editor:

Favorite Chocolate-Based Dishes?

Tell us about some of your favorite chocolate-based dishes in the Boston area in our questions and answers feature; we will add it to the "Replies" section of this question!