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Volume 24, Fall, 2011

Thanks to USA Today, Zagat, New York Magazine, and Others

A number of articles from our Boston Restaurant Talk blog have been picked up by major news outlets and websites, including USA Today, The Boston Globe, Zagat, UPI, The Patch, New York Magazine, the Boston Business Journal, and more. Thanks to all of you in the media who have helped bring our site to your readers; we certainly appreciate it!

Our Latest Restaurant Reviews

Here are some dining spots that we have recently featured...

John's Roast Beef and Seafood, Lynn, MA
A slightly "upscale" version of a roast beef joint that has some of the best roast beef sandwiches in the Boston area.

Coffee Sensations, Medfield, MA
A retro-looking cafe that is hidden in the back of an old-fashioned department store.

Lucy Ethiopian Cafe, Boston, MA
A friendly little Ethiopian restaurant that features traditional coffee ceremonies in its back room.

SingaBella Cafe, Cambridge, MA
A little-known cafe in North Cambridge that specializes in panini using house-made bread.

Photo of Coffee Sensations at Lord's Department Store, a cafe in Medfield, MA

Slideshows Are on the Way!

Over the past year, we have posted countless photos of food onto the site, and now we are starting to use some of these pictures in slideshows (via the Boston Restaurant Blog within our site) as a way to categorize some of them.

Our first slideshow centers around five of the best dishes of 2011 (so far), including an amazing chocolate cake, an unusual cheese dish, and one of the best pizzas in Boston.

Keep checking for more food photo slideshows over the coming weeks, as we will surely be posting more of them to the blog within the site very soon!

Where To Find Us:

Please go to this link on Boston's Hidden Restaurants to find information on a number of great little-known dining spots in the Boston area.


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This Issue's Feature

Online Food Discussions

The Boston area is full of people who know their food, including restaurant owners, chefs, food bloggers, media people, and restaurant critics. Over the past year or so, we have hosted a number of live online food discussions, including a panel of such folks who chat with us (and our viewers) about everything from breakfast to BBQ.

As of now, we tend to have a new food chat once every month or so, including a few new ones coming up this fall. When we do, please join us in the discussion, and feel free to ask our panel members some questions. And if you have a good idea for a discussion topic, please contact us to let us know!

Photo of breakfast plate at Stars, Hingham, Massachusetts

A Question from Us (To Our Readers):

New England Restaurants With Good Chicken Pot Pie?

Tell us about restaurants in the Boston area or elsewhere in New England that have good chicken pot pie in our questions and answers feature; we will likely add it to the "Replies" section of the question!