-- Boston's Hidden Restaurants --
Volume 5, Winter, 2006/2007

Happy Holidays from Boston's Hidden Restaurants!

We hope that all of our viewers have an enjoyable holiday season, and a terrific 2007. And hopefully 2007 will also be a good year for finding new and interesting restaurants, of course! If you happen to find any great dining spots, let us know; perhaps we will feature them on the Boston's Hidden Restaurants site!

Our Latest Restaurant Reviews

Here are a few restaurants that we have been to of late...

La Summa, Boston, MA
a cozy, intimate Italian restaurant on one of the quieter streets in the North End of Boston.

Traveler Restaurant, Union, CT
a combination restaurant/bookstore along Route 84 that is perfect for truckers and vacationers.

Jake's Seafood, Hull, MA
a friendly, reasonably priced seafood restaurant that looks out over the beautiful waters of Hull.

Toraya Restaurant, Arlington, MA
a tiny dining spot near Arlington Center that has some of the best sushi in the Boston area.

Photo of the Traveler Restaurant, an American restaurant in Union, CT

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This Issue's Feature

2006 Best Boston Restaurants

In 2005, we created a list of what we considered were the best hidden restaurants in Boston that were featured on our site. Well, in 2006, we have added many new restaurants, so our 2006 Best Of list is much more extensive that last year's list.

Included on our 2006 Best Boston Restaurants page are new categories such as Best Seafood Restaurant, Best Hot Dog Stand, Best Breakfast Place, and Best Greek Restaurant. Congratulations to all the restaurants that made our list, and we're looking forward to finding even more great restaurants for the 2007 list!

Photo of Duck Creeke Tavern, Wellfleet, Massachusetts

A Question from the Editor:

What was the best restaurant you tried in 2006?

While on the topic of best restaurants in 2006, we would love to hear some of your choices. Let us know what you think was the best restaurant you went to in 2006; perhaps we will try it out in 2007! [ED NOTE: We have taken out the link to our forum, as it is now closed.]