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Volume 7, Summer, 2007

Redesign of Our Site Is Nearly Complete!

After several months of work, the redesign of Boston's Hidden Restaurants is just about done! These changes should make the site easier to navigate and pages will be quicker to load. The new design is sleeker and cleaner, which will hopefully make coming to Boston's Hidden Restaurants a more enjoyable experience!
Upgrades should be completely done this summer, as we still have work to do on the home page and a few other pages. Thanks for being patient!

Our Latest Restaurant Reviews

Below are some restaurants that we have recently checked out...

Genesio, Randolph, MA
an old-school Italian restaurant on Route 28 in Randolph that serves heaping portions of pasta and also has excellent pizza.

Zaleks, Wakefield, MA
a plain-looking sandwich shop in Wakefield center that has outstanding seafood dishes, sandwiches, and Greek entrees.

Zon's, Jamaica Plain, MA
a funky neighborhood restaurant in Jamaica Plain that has some of the best burgers and macaroni and cheese in Boston.

East Asia, Somerville, MA
a friendly little dining spot near Davis Square that has fresh Chinese and Thai dishes at decent prices.

Photo of Zon's, an American in Jamaica Plain, MA

Help Us Review Some Restaurants!

Our new unreviewed restaurants section has recently been added to our site. This special feature includes restaurants that we have not reviewed yet, but seem to be potential hidden gems that may be worth looking into.

This section also allows our viewers to review these restaurants, helping both us and other viewers to learn more about these places.

It is easy for you to post reviews of these restaurants. Simply go to the form at the bottom of any of the restaurant pages, read the simple instructions, and post your review. Thanks for any reviews you post to our site!

Where To Find Us:

Enter Boston's Hidden Restaurants at this address to find information on some of the best little-known Boston dining spots!


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This Issue's Feature

Visitor Information for Boston

While Boston's Hidden Restaurants is a site about, well, RESTAURANTS, we also have a feature that may be able to help visitors to Boston find out more about our great city, including where to go for entertainment, outdoor recreation, and culture, and, of course, where to eat.

Included on our visitors' page are descriptions of several neighborhoods within Boston, as well as interesting cities and towns nearby. And each neighborhood section includes links to restaurants that visitors might want to check out. If you are coming to Boston, we hope you enjoy your trip!

Photo of Beacon Hill, a neighborhood in Boston, MA

A Question from the Editor:

What is your favorite seaside dining spot in New England?

Tell us about the restaurant in our restaurant forum; we may just feature it on the site over the next few months. [ED NOTE: We have taken out the links to our forum, as it is now closed.]