-- Boston's Hidden Restaurants --
Volume 8, Fall, 2007

Lots of New Stuff in Boston's Hidden Restaurants!

Over the past few months, we have added tags to the Boston Restaurant Blog (including a tag cloud; see below), we have started a new section on Boston restaurants that have recently closed or opened, and we have created another new section that allows readers to post questions (or reply to existing ones) about restaurants in the area. Have fun looking at all the new features!

Our Latest Restaurant Reviews

Here are some restaurants that we have reviewed lately...

Lawton's, Lawrence, MA
a tiny hot dog stand that is perched precariously along a canal in Lawrence's historic district.

Bella Luna, Jamaica Plain, MA
a cozy, intimate little Italian restaurant in JP that is attached to....a bowling alley?

Kashish, Belmont, MA
a quiet, serene Indian restaurant in the center of Belmont that rivals its more popular competition.

Martin's Coffee Shop, Brookline, MA
an old-fashioned ham and egger located in the heart of Brookline Village.

Photo of Lawton's, a hot dog stand in Lawrence, MA

What Is A Tag Cloud?

Guess what? Boston's Hidden Restaurant has a tag cloud for its blog! Isn't that exciting?....Ok, don't everyone respond all at once. It seems that few people know what a tag cloud is. Perhaps we should delve into it a bit more...

A tag cloud is a weighted group of tags, or labels, that link to blog entries, photos, forum entries, etc. (in our case, blog entries). The tags are of different font sizes; the larger the font, the more often the tag connects to specific blog entries. For instance, the tag "pizza places" is large because many blog entries deal with pizza places.

If you would like to see the tag cloud on our site, go to tag cloud to learn more about how this can make searching through our blog much easier!

How To Find Us:

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This Issue's Feature

Restaurant Closings, Openings

It seems like every week, there are at least a couple of Boston-area restaurants that close, and a couple more that open. We have found it difficult to keep track, so we have decided to create a new section that lists a number of closings and openings in the Boston area.

Closings and openings are sorted by month; in addition, more information (addresses and phone numbers of new restaurants, etc.) can be found by going to the RSS feed, which has a link on this page. If you know of other restaurants that should be added to this list, let us know!

Photo of Las Palmas De Cuba, a restaurant in Hanover, MA, that recently closed.

A Question from the Editor:

What restaurant has the best cornbread in New England?

Tell us about a restaurant that has terrific cornbread (a traditional fall staple in New England) in our new questions and answers feature; we will add it to the "Replies" section of this question!